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FILIBUSTER: Let the majority rule

America was founded on the concept of majority rule, and we have been a shining example to the rest of the world. But for some people that is not enough. Unfortunately, politicians have figured out ways to get around that concept.

For example, when some members of Congress are extremely opposed to certain proposed legislation, they are allowed to filibuster and obstruct the will of the majority because it requires 60 votes to end one and that often leads to stagnation and/or sleazy backroom deals to get enough votes to overturn the will of the majority.

If 51 members of

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CONGRESS: Senate should get rid of filibuster

Sen. Harry Reid is 100 percent correct when he stated that “the Senate is broken and needs to be fixed” (TNT, 7-16). What he should have added was the Senate is a mockery of the concept of democratic government as long as it keeps the filibuster rule for any reason.

Until recently the Senate filibuster was used by conservatives to kill civil rights legislation. Historically it stopped anti-slavery legislation and created the issues bringing on the Civil War.

Now the Republicans are using it to shut down government so they can turn around and blame President Obama for governmental incompetence

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CONGRESS: A pox on both their houses

If anything speaks to the need for term limits it is the way members of both parties in the U.S. House and Senate are behaving like spoiled brats, by posturing, posing and playing chicken with our financial future while leaving the American public twisting in the wind of uncertainty.

If eight years is the time limit for our presidents to serve then it is high time to consider imposing limits on members of Congress, and we should also do away with the right of those who oppose legislation to derail the will of the majority by using the filibuster. Majority

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