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FIFE: Traffic camera is a tourist ripoff

I live 1,000 miles away in San Luis Obispo, California. While I was visiting my brother in Snoqualmie and his son (a Marine) who is on leave, I made the mistake of stopping for gas in Fife, where I was issued a citation by its traffic camera department.

The video I was shown shows me making a complete stop. There were three large bushes, a 20-foot gas sign, a garage sale sign and other numerous things blocking the view of oncoming traffic, so you have to pull forward to see what’s coming.

That ticket is one of the biggest ripoffs

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CLOCKS: Fife has a longtime clockmaker

As a clock lover, I appreciated the nice front-page article on the clock maker in Tacoma (TNT, 2-15). However, I do want to make you aware of another clockmaker in Fife who has been in business for years. I have taken my things there and gotten great service.

His is a story that began when he was an apprentice, started his own business out of his home, has had steady growth and now has a nice shop located in Fife, Heirloom Clocks of Tacoma. He is paying it forward so to speak as he will soon have an apprentice

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TACOMA: Support Prop. 1 and fix city’s streets

Tacoma’s blighted, pothole-ladened streets are painfully evident to both residents of Tacoma and visitors alike and pose a risk to any car attempting to travel on them.

The reality is that Tacoma’s streets will never be improved without a focused funding effort, which Proposition 1 offers Nov. 5. One of the beauties of Proposition 1 is that, unlike proposals to raise the sales tax, it allows multimillion-dollar hospitals, large corporations, entities in the Port of Tacoma, Walmart, and state and federal entities to participate in paying to repair the streets.

Outlying suburban areas, such as Fife and University Place –

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TRANSIT: You don’t want me on the road with you

Re: “3 small Pierce cities protest transit cuts” (TNT, 6-10).

Do the people of Pierce County who rejected the transit tax increase last fall realize what that will do on all the major roadways? I can only visualize people, like myself, who have very poor vision, driving and being the cause of more accidents than we already have due to the fact that these people can’t distinguish colors such as traffic lights and have slower reflexes. These are the people who depend on public transportation or shuttle service to get them to doctor appointments or grocery shopping, amongst other

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ROADS: Commit to completing state Route 167

Those of us who live and work in the connected valleys from Renton to Fife have long awaited a 30-year promise – that the last six miles of state Route 167 be completed.

As the 2013 legislative session approaches, the City of Auburn and a coalition of cities, chambers, ports and dozens of freight-related businesses ask the Legislature to actively pursue a plan for future funding cycles and appropriations needed to complete SR 167. We cannot wait another 30 years to finish this “last six-mile” project.

SR 167 is a major corridor that moves freight to and from the Port

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BUSES: Pierce Transit has a trick up its sleeve

Tacoma, once known as the City of Destiny, may get a new title if Proposition 1 passes: City of Highest Destination Sales Tax.

Yes, it’s true: Pierce Transit has a trick up its sleeve, and it’s no treat for Tacoma.

In 2011, voters rejected Prop. 1, but Pierce Transit went back to the drawing board. It took all the precincts that voted down Prop. 1, 106 in all, and cut them out of the taxing scheme but left all the precincts that voted in favor.

If Pierce Transit’s bewitching little brew gets past voters, it will also cost hundreds of

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FIFE: Police chief has been a force for good

The latest investigation of the Fife Police Department and Chief Brad Blackburn has left a bad taste in my mouth (TNT, 10-28).

I was employed by the City of Fife as its court administrator from 1992 until I retired in 2002. At that time, Blackburn was a sergeant under the supervision of Chief James Paulson, and he accompanied Paulson and me to many community events.

Blackburn was well-respected by the citizens of Fife, going above and beyond any sergeant’s duties to do what was necessary to give a feeling of confidence and security, creating a caring, kind and compassionate

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FIFE: The public deserves objectivity

Re: “Fife investigating chief” (TNT, 7-16).

As a public servant, I fully support the principle that the public is entitled to know what is happening with government. The value of the press’ role as the people’s watchdog cannot be understated. Further as public officials, we understand that our work lives, and in some respects our personal lives, are subject to public inspection.

However, as Fife city manager, I must take issue with The News Tribune coverage about a current investigation involving members of the Fife Police Department. The headline leads the reader to believe that the Fife police chief is

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