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COUNTY: All share in cost of transportation

Re: “Life is about choices, island dwellers” (letter, 1-21).

The writer seems to imply that Anderson Island residents should be paying more (or all) of the costs to operate the Pierce County ferry.

The sharing of tax dollars is basic to our country’s transportation system. Consider that the federal government shares tax dollars with the state in the construction of highways. Without that sharing arrangement, all of us - regardless of where we live - would be driving on totally inadequate interstate highways.

Should tolls be put on all highways so that road users might participate in the construction and maintenance of those highways, even

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FERRIES: Inadequate schedule limits fare revenue

Highway repairs are scheduled on weekends; those roads open again by 5:30 a.m. the following Monday. Why? So that commuters can get to jobs. What public road anywhere in the state closes at 7:30 p.m. on weeknights and doesn’t re-open until 6:30 a.m.?

One such road is the ferry to Anderson Island. Instead of investing in longer hours, the county wastes money on midday runs that are little used and keeps a spare boat at great expense. Pierce County spends more than $4 million per year on ferry operations and maintenance – twice as much as Skagit and Whatcom counties

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FERRIES: Government derelict in selling vessels

Re: “Derelict vessels damage state’s budget and environment” (Viewpoint, 2-26).

Ah, the irony. The fact is that at least two of the large vessels (the Kalakala and Olympic) not in the state budget to abate were sold by the state “as is” to private parties with big dreams that never materialized.

Maybe there should be a lemon law where obsolete ferries are concerned. Or maybe the “real” cost of providing replacement ferries should include disposal of the old prior to the “fiscal and ecological cost becoming too high,” as Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark put it.

Other industries

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FERRIES: No mystery when low tides are due

Radio and print media do a good service advising ferry users of cancellation of runs because of low tides.

Tide charts are published more than a year in advance. Why doesn’t the state ferry system just not list those runs it knows will not be operating?