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WOMEN: Friedan right on ‘Feminine Mystique’

Under the guise of a “tribute,” columnist Kathleen Parker excoriates Betty Friedan, whose “Feminine Mystique” did not, in fact, merely plead the cause of “rich, educated women” (TNT, 2-13).

Parker is probably old enough to remember when girls couldn’t deliver newspapers, married women couldn’t be airline “stewardesses,” female medical students were steered into pediatrics/gynecology, and many a dad who bragged about his daughter’s academic accomplishments nevertheless arranged (as mine did) for her to study shorthand and typing as a “fallback.”

During an earlier era, women helped out on the farm and in family businesses. During World War II, many

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FEMINISM: Vulnerable deserve protection

Re: “Abortion action, not opinion, is the issue” (letter, 6-27).

The writer pitted the rights of fetuses against the rights of women and insisted that those who elevate the former over the latter are not “pro-women” and therefore not feminists.

However, attempting to circumscribe feminism to those who are pro-abortion is not only problematic, but historically inaccurate. Most notably, Susan B. Anthony called abortion “child murder.”

Because feminism has come to refer to both the philosophical idea of justice based on the equality of the sexes as well as to several waves of particular political movements, the term encompasses a

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ABORTION: Faux feminism in politics

According to Kathleen Parker (column, 6-23), Sarah Palin would reframe feminism to include women who oppose abortion. Traditionally the basis of feminism has been equality between the sexes. Palin’s choice to combine career and motherhood is a feminist characteristic, yet how can any woman who opposes reproductive choice call herself a feminist?

Faux feminists and Parker support the pro-life notion of an “abortion as nothing more than a ‘choice’ to eliminate an inconvenience.” Inconvenience is a huge understatement about motherhood, allowing pro-life advocates to ignore the immediate implications of a newborn as well as the lifelong commitment to a child.

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FEMINIST: Abortion action, not opinion, the issue

Letters agreeing and disagreeing (6-25) with Kathleen Parker’s assertion that feminists can be pro-life are interesting, but for the most part the debate misses the main point.

It is not what a politician’s personal views are about women, life and abortion but what her public views are about what the law should be. Will she work to criminalize abortion?

Parker seems to be sympathetic to the idea of “pro-life feminists,” but she also wants to keep abortion legal, i.e., she supports Roe v. Wade. If a self-proclaimed pro-life feminist works to make abortion difficult to get or even illegal, she

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FEMINISM: Why there is no such thng as a ‘pro-life feminist’

The recent appropriation of the term “feminism” by certain conservative pundits is, I think, a ploy aimed at deceiving Middle American women into a false notion of what exactly conservative values are in regard to women.

What Kathleen Parker (column, 6-23) and others fail to acknowledge is that “feminism” – as it is truly known in the 21st century – is no longer exclusive to cis-gendered (born with female genitalia/chromosomes), heterosexual, middle-class white women.

Indeed, the current wave of the feminist movement is one that embraces trans-women, women of color, queer women, women of all economic backgrounds and (gasp!) male

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