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VOTING: Denying felons the right to vote is unconstitutional

Re: “9th Circuit should rule against using Voting Rights Act to let felons vote” (TNT, 6-17).

Before weighing in on this matter further, it seems prudent to read the U.S. Constitution to find out what it says about the “right” to vote, especially paying attention to the 15th Amendment, section 1, the 19th Amendment, the 24th Amendment, section 1 and the 26th Amendment, section 1.

The aforementioned constitutional amendments are the minimum set of guidelines set forth by the founding fathers of this democratic republic to guarantee every person enjoys the full rights of citizenship and freedom, to establish the

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VOTING: Restoring felons’ rights is right move

I strongly disagree with the op-ed suggesting a ruling against using the voting rights act to let felons vote (TNT, 6-17). First, all felonies are not equal. Many people go on to lead productive lives after release from prison. Why should they be denied their citizenship rights?

The op-ed states, “there are always going to be some groups that commit more crimes than others, but that doesn’t make the laws racist.” There is overwhelming evidence that our current criminal justice system is disproportionately against the poor and ethnic minorities. Many people of color are in prison for relatively minor drug

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