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ARIZONA: Armchair conscience

The rarefied air of political correctness continues to provide steroids for America’s propensity to identify with those we perceive as victims. The Tacoma City Council’s armchair vote of conscience against Arizona’s revised law to manage an out of control illegal immigration is a case in point.

Those who bother to read the law would discover that safeguards that address their main objections to the bill are in place. The Arizona law is modeled on the Federal law but, unlike the Federal law, has built-in safeguards that address the possibility of racial profiling. Even so, the concern now is “the possibility” of racial profiling.

Every nation has the right and responsibility to manage their borders. Those who have not eventually learn the error of their ways. With benefits come responsibilities. In our permissive society there is much more focus on “rights” than on responsibilities. To believe showing one’s identification of citizenship is an intrusion on one’s rights flies in the face of reality. Read more »


MEXICO: Switch vacation from Mexico to Arizona

In response to Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s unseemly lectures to the U.S. Congress Thursday regarding the way we govern ourselves, those of us in the Pacific Northwest who normally vacation in Mexico should reconsider and go to Arizona instead.

Arizona has great weather, a governor who is courageous enough to make difficult decisions, a state legislature that works in harmony and law enforcement officers who, well, enforce the law. A nice change.


IMMIGRATION: How about boycotting Mexico travel?

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon criticized the recent passage of the Arizona immigration bill. He must have forgotten most of the illegal immigrants in the United States are from Mexico.

Maybe before he criticize Arizona’s laws he should take stock of how he is running his own country. Why are his people fleeing their homeland? What does Mexico have to offer its citizens?

I encourage American citizens to stop taking vacations to Mexico. Maybe that would give Calderon something to think about.