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FREEMAN: Legislator was dedicated to others

In the 39 years that I have lived in Federal Way, two elected officials have stood out for their dedication to serving the poor, the underprivileged and the vulnerable. The first was my friend, the late  state Sen. Mary Ann Mitchell; she was so devoted to seniors that we named a senior housing complex (Mitchell Place) and a highway overpass after her.

The second is state Rep. Roger Freeman. who died Wednesday. His reputation for effective legislation and caring for the most needy transcends the borders of his 30th Legislative District. With a degree in law he could have chosen a lucrative career. Instead

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ELECTION: Dovey understands impact of legislation

I am voting for Jack Dovey for state representative in the 30th District. I have met Dovey and watched him throughout this campaign season. He has been out on our streets talking with the people of Federal Way, learning of their concerns, and coming up with concrete ideas to address and solve our concerns.

The city of Federal Way and its environs are at a critical turning point for development, whether it be a performing arts center, road construction, educational funding and, most important, attracting businesses to open up here and helping businesses loyal to Federal Way and surrounding cities.


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FWAY: Ed Barney’s the better choice for school board

I’ve known Geoffery McAnalloy since 2008 as members/officers of the 30th Legislative District Democrats. Later, our children attended elementary school together. I’ve been acquainted with Ed Barney since 2011 through his service on the Federal Way School Board. In our first conversation he defined himself as “conservative” in contrast to my “progressiveness.”

When I review my acquaintanceship with both candidates, it becomes clear to me that Barney is the correct choice for the District 1 position on the board.

I’m a regular attendee of both board meetings and work studies. I remember clearly after two work studies that Barney asked

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GUNS: Article inspires gun-safety program

I love when a newspaper article motivates positive action.

Back in February, I read an article regarding discussion in the state Legislature over the importance of gun safety and potential inclusion of the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program in our schools. I have passions for both children’s growth and for gun safety. I’m familiar with the Eddie Eagle GunSafe program, and for years I’ve kicked around the idea of helping present it to kids in my own community. The article; and the advocacy of several of our legislators, has encouraged me to get

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GUNS: Don’t blame senators for FWay killings

Re: “In FWay, four more victims of American gun violence” (editorial, 4-23) and the accompanying cartoon’s last panel, asking why our senators voted against background checks.

What good would a background check have done? According to news reports, the perpetrator had a concealed weapons permit. I am certain that prior to his obtaining that permit, a background check would have been done. He had no arrest record, so he would have passed it.

It is a sad state of affairs, but no matter what laws are in place, the tragedy would have still happened. Everything that is now a

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ELECTION: Kochmar has experience, integrity

Linda Kochmar will represent the 30th District with thoughtfulness and integrity in the state Legislature. Kochmar has been as an elected official for 14 years. Experience counts, and she has had to face tough decisions and vote what’s best for Federal Way.

Kochmar knows when an issue is to be decided that she represents the 30th District and is able to listen to all sides and perspectives. She is able to reach out and bring together opposing viewpoints and find common ground; that makes good government. Kochmar asks the tough questions that help clarify issues with facts and data for

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ELECTION: Kochmar best for 30th District

Linda Kochmar is our best choice for state representative in the 30th District. She is such a hard worker. I don’t think she ever sleeps. She is honest and trustworthy. If she says she will do something she will do it. If you have any questions about law or state just ask her and she knows the answer or if not, she’ll get it.

She raised six children to wonderful adults while holding a full-time job. She has risk management in her background, which is very hard to find and will be very beneficial. She has 14 years of experience

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ELECTION: Please support South King fire levy

I ask all concerned citizens to please vote yes on the South King Fire & Rescue maintenance and operations levy Aug. 7. The fire department cannot charge for the services it provides; it is totally dependent upon property taxes that are calculated from property values.

We all know that home values have been declining. The fire department has lost more than 22 percent of its annual operating budget and has eliminated 26 staff positions. We cannot afford to let our services decline any further.

I realize our economy is hurting and of course want government to be efficient, but this

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