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CLICK: KOMO-TV unfair to Tacoma in cable dispute

I formerly headed up programming for a local ABC-TV affiliate. I later had a similar role with Tacoma’s Click Network, so I can see both sides of the dispute between Click and KOMO-TV that has kept the channel dark.

Stations like KOMO used to be thrilled to be on cable as no station can reach every home with a simple antenna. Cable systems like Click have spent millions of dollars wiring homes and making other capital improvements, making sure high-definition channels look pristine.

Local stations that used to get paid by networks like ABC for carrying programs now often pay

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SPEECH: Residual effects of court’s decision

Re: the recent Supreme Court decision on free speech (editorial 3-3).

Feelings about the reprehensible behavior that initiated the suit notwithstanding, I am optimistic about the residual effects of the decision: that among other things this decree will also provide protection to Christian programming and conservative talk radio (currently being threatened by the Federal Communications Commission) and that it will ensure that “political correctness” need not necessarily govern scriptural preaching from the pulpit.

If my expectations are realized, it should boost our hopefulness that this great nation of ours will continue to be “the land of the free

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