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FOOD: Farmers markets criticism was undeserved

Re: “Growing assumptions” (TNT, 9-17).

The article on local food quoted a farmer who I’m sure is a nice man who works hard. But since he sells his cabbages in bulk to large retailers as far away as Russia, I suspect he’s not the best judge of the safety of small farmers who sell their food in local farmers markets.

Tim Richter suggests that these markets are “more dangerous sources of food,” and “anybody can go plant stuff in their backyard.”

Are you kidding me? Every week I go to farmers markets in Tacoma and enjoy fresh, local, delicious

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FOOD: Farmers markets play key role in economy

I couldn’t agree more with your reader columnist, Al Bartlett, about the significant role farmers markets play in our economy (TNT, 4-21).

In 2013, the Tacoma Farmers Market – which includes the Broadway Market, the 6th Avenue Market and the South Tacoma Market – generated more than $800,000 in revenue for small businesses in our community and surrounding areas. These business include farmers, food processors, hot food vendors and, of course, local artisans like Bartlett.

The mission of the Tacoma Farmers Market, as with many area markets, is to provide a sustainable market venue where local farms and small

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PETS: Keep dogs out of farmers’ markets

Dog owners,please don’t take your pets to a farmers’ market.

You may not mind Fido sniffing your legs or leaving a dump on the pavement, but that’s exactly what I saw Saturday at the Proctor District market.

With all that food on display and small children milling around, I was surprised to see so many canines, especially since supermarkets and restaurants only allow service dogs. Why should it be any different for an open-air market selling food products?