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BUDGET: Family planning cuts would hurt low-income women

The $3 million proposed cut to family planning in the latest Senate Republican budget is unacceptable. With this cut, 12,500 low-income women in Washington state will lose access not only to birth control, but also to breast and cervical cancer screening and sexually transmitted infection testing.

Washington state cannot afford these cuts. With every $1 the state spends on family planning, the state saves $4.10 in maternity care. By cutting $3 million to family planning services, the state will end up spending way more in nine months as a result of unintended pregnancy care costs. Does this sound fiscally responsible?

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BUDGET: Don’t cut family planning funds

Legislators in Olympia are now in a special legislative session, trying to balance the budget. Helped by three Democrats, Senate Republicans proposed a budget which suggests cutting 93 percent of family planning funding.

Knowing that every dollar spent on family planning services like birth control saves the state $4.10 in maternity costs from unintended pregnancies, where do these legislators think they will find the money they’ll need nine months from now to pay for maternity care? Cutting family planning doesn’t save money; what we “save” from any family planning cut, we pay four times over within nine months.

Legislators need

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FAMILY PLANNING: Senate’s bill is common sense

Re: “Bill would aid state’s family planning services” (TNT, 4-27).

Senate Bill 5912 would increase the number of people who qualify for Take Charge, the Medicaid waiver program that allows women access to free birth control and annual exams.

It is important that state legislators recognize funding family planning as an investment. An average pregnancy costs our state more than $8,000, but a year of contraception costs only about $30 in state funds under Medicaid. Today there is a gap in eligibility between state Medicaid coverage for family planning services and coverage for pregnancy through

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FAMILY PLANNING: Access and education are needed

Re: “For too many women, motherhood is a death sentence” (TNT, 5-7).

It is devastating that motherhood should be viewed as a death sentence, but as we can see from the devastating figures from the developing world, it is a prominent reality for many women. The biggest problem is while the issues are life-threatening, the prevention is simple: education and access.

For women, reproductive health is essential. Access to the ability to choose when to bear children can be essential to their livelihood. In many countries, it is customary to marry at a younger age than in many higher-income countries,

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