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SCHOOLS: Teacher-student interaction always existed

Re: “Crossing the line online” (TNT, 5-23).

Social media and use of technology in itself may make it easier to see blurring of student-teacher interaction, which school districts have tried to regulate, but it has not targeted the true reason for sexual misconduct between teachers and students.

Before there was Facebook and texting, the teacher-student interaction blurring was just as easy when teachers lived close in the same neighborhood where they worked, had their children attend the same school they teach at, and interacted with students in local businesses. Many teachers allowed school field trips to their home years

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VERDICT: Photos were of a different Trayvon Martin

Re: “Media didn’t show real Trayvon” (letter, 7-16).

Facebook photos that were circulating on the Internet showing a person the letter writer said was Trayvon Martin – 6-foot-2 with tattoos and angry – were not of the same Trayvon Martin who was shot by George Zimmerman.

All you have to do is go to any truth site and check it out for yourself; it’s false. Go to www.snopes.com and search for Trayvon Martin photos.

Like much hate mail created to keep people angry, you can’t believe what you hear or see anymore. Of course haters are going to

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PRIVACY: US fighting a new kind of war

Regarding Eugene Robinson’s column (TNT, 6-7) about privacy becoming an obsolete commodity, I understand his concern. However, we are at war and sometimes I think we forget that. It is not the battlefield war in Afghanistan. It is being fought here, every day.

The digital age makes it possible to download instructions to make poisons and build bombs. It is not the job of the Internet to do anything but dispense requested information. The morality of those requests is not part of any digital environment, and if it were, we would be concerned about censorship.

We live in a

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SHOOTING: Remove disrespectful Facebook posts

On Wednesday, three children and a second-grade teacher were buried. The mourners weren’t even finished filing out of the funeral home when the ones coming to the next funeral were filing in. One funeral home held three services in one day, back to back.

There are about 24 more victims yet to be buried. That is so unbelievable, as most were little kids.

Most people grieve this violence in a visceral kind of way. It’s gut-wrenching because these kids could have been our own and in many ways really are our own.

Some people are already posting deeply conservative views

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POLITICS: Think before posting that snarky comment

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.

The closer we get to Election Day, the more people seem to ignore this saying. It makes a person want to avoid the Internet altogether. In the days before Facebook, people used to complain about the constant mudslinging coming from politicians. Now we do it for them.

The anonymity of commenting on a YouTube video or on message boards provides users with the courage to be as crass as possible, but now that attitude is spilling over onto social networking where everyone knows who you are.

I have seen far

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OBAMA: The Facebook president

One week ago, with a surplus of hype and a scarcity of fundamentals, Facebook became a publicly traded company. The price of the IPO came out very high. Its price immediately collapsed. Many were fooled by the excitement and overpaid for the investment. Investors are mad.

About four years ago, Barack Obama came to us with a surplus of hype (hope and change) and a scarcity of fundamentals. His ideas, like Facebook, were dreamed up in a dorm. Like the head of Facebook, Obama had never led or produced anything. Like the hype of Facebook, he was surrounded in hype.

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FACEBOOK: Age limit should be higher than 13

Facebook users who identify themselves as over 13 years old are allowed to gain access to the site. Almost everyone in my classes is on Facebook, and they describe it as an easy way of communication and a
helpful resource to get help on homework through communicating with classmates.

But I know that Facebook also serves as a medium for inappropriate content. Whenever I see harsh language or inappropriate pictures, it makes me wonder whether 13-year-olds should be allowed to have Facebook accounts.

I tend to believe that the age restrictions should be stricter. Clearly, with more than half

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FACEBOOK: It’s easy to fact-check claims

Over the last three weeks a “friend” has been posting small anti-Obama messages on Facebook: Obama has canceled the National Day of Prayer, Obama is going to cut military pay, illegal aliens are receiving Social Security.

Think about it. If Obama had done just one of these things, it would be the headline of every newspaper in the nation. It would be on the cover of Newsweek and Time, and the women of “The View” would be talking about this. But the “lamestream” media happens to check facts and does not print false information.

There is a lot of hate

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