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MILITARY: What’s wrong with looking like Europe?

Re: “Hagel gives Obama cover for military cutbacks” (David Brooks column, 1-9).

Brooks laments the possibility of America exchanging military might for Obamacare costs if Chuck Hagel becomes the next secretary of defense. Is it the case, however, as Brooks assumes, that all military budget cuts would transform automatically into increased health care costs?

I’d rather see both military and health care spending controlled. But even if Brooks were right, at least instead of lavishing money on weapons designed to kill people, we would be spending it on health care and healing.

The Wall Street Journal just published results

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ECONOMY: Middle class has sacrificed plenty

Re: “Patriots willing to sacrifice” (letter, 5-9).

I wholeheartedly agree with the need to make more sacrifices in the name of patriotism. However, more sacrifice from most working-class Americans cannot be compared to the examples given of Greece and France.

European nations have long enjoyed peace and freedom under a common security blanket of NATO, largely bolstered by America. Many Europeans also have long enjoyed four-day work weeks (with two-month vacations not uncommon) and retirement in their 50s with pensions approaching 90 percent of full pay.

Even our most liberal politicians have never promised such a good deal for working-class

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