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UNION: Public empoyee unions need busting

Eugene Robinson’s column regarding the Wisconsin situation (TNT, 2-22) is simply misleading leftist propaganda. And the assertion that that state’s governor, Scott Walker, is trying to bust the union? Not really a shock to most thinking people that public sector unions need “busting” – or at least radical changes in the way they negotiate, and with whom.

For anyone who’s been living under a rock: In the private sector, labor unions negotiate with business owners. Concessions made by the owners will benefit the union workers, and vice-versa. The public sector, however, is a whole different animal.

Public sector unions

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SHOOTING: People, not implements, are responsible for tragedy

Re: “Blood is on the hands of irresponsible gun advocates” (Eugene Robinson column, 1-11).

First of all, my prayers go out to the families and victims of the horrific tragedy that took place in Tucson.

Is Robinson aware that there are more than 20,000 state and federal gun laws currently? Which one failed to stop this tragedy?

On the same day as Robinson’s column, The News Tribune listed the manufacturer, make, model number of magazines and size of cartridge used to commit this terrible crime. And it reported that law enforcement arrested 606 drunk drivers between Nov. 25

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COLUMNIST: Republican held to higher standard

The news cycle must be very slow in the eastern part of country. Eugene Robinson proves this with his latest column (1-2), an attack piece on Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

Where was Robinson’s outrage at President Obama as he vacationed while the huge oil spill was occurring in the Gulf of Mexico?

Not a word about that from Robinson despite the loss of life and thousands of people out of work, loss of businesses and tremendous loss to the economy. Where was Obama? Busy vacationing way up north, in Martha’s Vineyard off a much different coast.

But as

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COLUMN: Robinson is paid to express his opinion

The author of the letter (TNT, 11-6) claiming that Eugene Robinson’s racism should be cause for losing his job misses the distinction between columnists and reporters.

Columnists are paid to express their opinions, while reporters are paid to be impartial and report only the news. So there is not really a parallel between Juan Williams losing his job at NPR and Robinson. However, I think there is still a huge debate about whether or not Williams should have lost his job over his ill-advised comments on Bill O’Reilly’s program.

Williams appeared on O’Reilly’s program as a guest, not in his

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COLUMN: Robinson is right, not a racist

Calling Eugene Robinson a racist (letter, 11-6) miscasts his argument in an attempt to dodge its merits.

Robinson wrote: “It’s not racist to criticize President Obama, it’s not racist to have conservative views . . . Bush was vilified by critics while he was in office, but not with the suggestion that somehow the government had been seized or usurped.”

Meanwhile, moral philosophers like Glenn Beck and Rand Paul tell us to “restore honor in America,” that we must “turn our face back to the values and principles that made us great,” and “to take back our government.”

Robinson responds

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MOSQUE: Robinson distorts the truth again

Re: Eugene Robinson’s column about the New York City mosque (TNT, 8-17).

As usual, Robinson invents history to try to justify his extreme point of view. He starts with “lies, distortions, xenophobia” in describing Republican reaction to President Obama’s support of a mosque near ground zero. However, he fails to mention a few actual facts.

His story about Thomas Jefferson’s observance of Ramadan with “the Tunisian ambassador” is a total lie. First, Tunisia was a French protectorate until 1881 and did not achieve independence until 1956, making the idea of an official ambassador visit impossible.

In reality, the visit

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EUGENE ROBINSON: Columnist needs history lesson

Re: Eugene Robinson column 8-17

Rather than just accepting the Obama spin-machine version of the history of the Ramadan dinner at the White House, perhaps columnist Eugene Robinson should have done some fact checking.

Thomas Jefferson invited a representative of the Barbary Pirates (not the Tunisian ambassador – Tunis was a member of the Ottoman Empire and referred to as a Barbary State). This “country” survived by attacking shipping in the Mediterranean and were known as the Barbary Pirates. The main purpose of their attacks was to capture Christian slaves for the Islamic market in North Africa and the

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TEA PARTY: Robinson just doesn’t get it

Re: “Tea stains are showing on Republicans, too” (Eugene Robinson column, 5-23).

Once again, Robinson is crowing about a few Democratic wins, saying that a Republican win means little and, in general, denigrating the tea party movement.

He misses the point entirely. The tea party consists of Democrats, Republicans and independents who are sick and tired of the elite fringes of their parties (the left 20 percent in power and the right 20 percent who want to take it all away).

When we have achieved a more moderate environment, where the elected really do work together for the good of

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