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MIDEAST: Do nothing about the Islamic State

Re: “What would Republicans do about Islamic State?” (Eugene Robinson column, 6-2).

Robinson almost endorses Rand Paul’s noninterventionist foreign policy, but hesitates, indicating: “If by some chance Paul were to end up as president, he’d have to decide what to do (about the Islamic State). He hasn’t really told us what that might be.”

Why does the U.S. president have to decide what to do about the IS?

The Iranians, who are Shiite, are already throwing bombs at the Sunni group IS, as is Syrian President Assad – all of which makes it hard for the U.S. to organize the

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CLIMATE: Politics outweigh facts for columnist

Re: “GOP stays stubborn about climate change” (Eugene Robinson column, 1-21).

About all anyone needs to know about climate change hysteria can be found in Robinson’s column. He writes, “We now know that 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history.”

Huh. If you actually read the source paper providing data for NASA’s press release on which Robinson relies, its Columbia University authors say: “The three warmest years in the GISS temperature analysis, 2014, 2010, and 2005 in that order, can be considered to be in a statistical tie because of several sources of uncertainty, the largest source being incomplete spatial

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POLICE: Columnist deluded about protests’ impact

Re: “Wrongful finger-pointing in two cops’ murders” (Eugene Robinson column, 12-23).

So Robinson believes that protesters chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want ‘em? Now!” are not anti-police and didn’t contribute to the murder of two New York City officers.

I wonder what he would think if they were shouting that they wanted dead Washington Post columnists.

He would have the luxury of hiding beneath his desk. Meanwhile, police officers are putting on their uniforms, leaving their families, and going out to protect him and the rest of us.

Our elected officials owe it to the men

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POLICE: Don’t ‘act black’ advice might be correct

In the cartoon that accompanied Eugene Robinson’s Dec. 5 column, a father tells his son: ”Remember, if you’re outside and the police stop you, try not to act black.”

If by that advice the man means “don’t mouth off, resist arrest or try to fight with the officer,” then I agree with his advice 100 percent.


TNT: Krauthammer’s views provide balance

Recent letter writers have urged The News Tribune to stop printing Charles Krauthammer’s column, citing it as divisive and too strident.

Krauthammer’s views provide the necessary balance to the likes of Eugene Robinson and Leonard Pitts Jr., who peddle the liberal media agenda. Newspapers not willing to provide balanced coverage of all events soon find themselves desperate for readers.

Krauthammer irks liberal readers because he challenges them to think outside of their boxes and comfort zones. Leave us not forget that he began as a liberal writer and eventually grew into his conservatism. Perhaps the disenchanted are afraid they, too,

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TNT: Krauthammer spews anti-Obama propaganda

Re: “Columnist offers ‘drive’ counterbalance” (letter, 9-9).

As is appropriate, The News Tribune tries to publish a wide range of opinion. The letter writer likens Charles Krauthammer to Eugene Robinson and Leonard Pitts Jr. Here is why he is incorrect:
Undeniably liberal, Robinson and Pitts – and Michael Gerson on the right – are opinion writers. They cover a wide range of subjects. They strive for balance and at times even justifiably criticize the President.

Krauthammear is a completely different type of animal and certainly not an opinionist. Instead he is a highly compensated propagandist and agent provocateur

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TNT: Columnist offers ‘drivel’ counterbalance

Re: “Krauthammer is confused” (letter, 9-3).

The letter writer complains about columnist Charles Krauthammer and asks why The News Tribune continues to publish Krauthammer’s “drivel.”

The answer is simple: It’s to balance the double-barreled drivel from Eugene Robinson and Leonard Pitts Jr.


ACA: ‘Victory lap’ is hardly justified

Re: “Time to take a victory lap for Obamacare” (Eugene Robinson column, 4-15).

This is a joke! It’s obvious Robinson is not affected by the Affordable Care Act, but my family and I are. Our premiums, as well as those of my family members, have done nothing but rise by more than 50 percent in the last year.

My family is barely covering our mortgage and might not be able to remain as homeowners even though we have been paying our mortgage for the past 25 years. We are close to having to leave our home in order to simply

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