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US OPEN: Ethics board scores a double bogey

Reading that the state ethics board decided $110 tickets to the U.S. Open did not constitute a violation of the $50 limit on freebies for legislators is the kind of logic that gives good reason for the public to be skeptical of the judgement of that board.

Well, they’re going to be attending a seminar as well. What? A seminar on how to improve your golf game?

The privileges of power continue, while the rest of us wait for ethics to come to Olympia.


ETHICS: Where is integrity in government?

I wish I worked for the government as an elected official. That way I would not be subject to the laws that they pass. Just consider what we have seen lately.

If I, as an employer, had sent X-rated pictures to a female employee or any female I would be fired and sued. Rep. Anthony Weiner does it and nothing happens.

If I fail to pay taxes, I could go to jail. Tim Geithner doesn’t and becomes secretary of the treasury. Charles Rangel does it and is still a congressman.

If I failed to pay personal property taxes of $300,000

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TACOMA: Mayor deserves praise, not criticism

Re: “Ethics panel says mayor violated code” (TNT, 5-20).

As an elected official, I understand the need to have a citizens Board of Ethics oversee the actions of governing bodies. I thank this group, as I believe it opened the eyes of many of us who strive to serve the public to the best of our ability, yet acknowledge we have much to learn.

Your headline would lead the reader to believe that Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland did something terribly wrong, when in fact if you read the details it clearly explains

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ETHICS: Boe stories bloated with false innuendo

Re: “Firm’s ties to Boe stronger than known” (TNT, 6-10).

Opening up the paper this morning I am surprised to see another headline with David Boe’s name, another story suggesting dishonesty. I am frankly bewildered.

As a friend of Boe’s for the past 17 years, I know him to be a person who speaks his mind and without mincing words. If he says the new Cheney Stadium plan looks like an office park with a ballfield attached to it, then that is exactly what he thinks. He is also an honest man with strong opinions and a strong sense of

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