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OBAMA: When will Americans have had enough?

There’s not a smidgen of truth in anything President Obama or his henchmen have to say. From Eric Holder through Kathleen Sebelius, the lies just seem to pile up and keep on coming!

When will the American people have had enough of this inept, inexperienced and woefully inadequate group of liars? As each day goes by we are exposed to more and more untruthful, deceitful conduct on their part. From Holder ignoring the law to Obama signing executive orders that smack of dictatorship, we are constantly barraged by the incompetence of this administration.


POT: Time to move on against real threats

Re: “Feds won’t sue to stop state’s new pot laws” (TNT, 8-30).

President Obama, through Attorney General Eric Holder, has essentially decriminalized the use of marijuana, and this is a correct decision. Citing “limited prosecutorial resources,” Holder’s deputy James Cole explained the change in economic terms. The “War on Drugs” with respect to marijuana simply doesn’t work anymore in American society.

There are now any number of local “drug policy czars” who suggest this decision is somehow the beginning of the downfall of society. These old men are out of step with both society today and reality.

The reality

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POVERTY: Another war not worth fighting

On Monday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said that “widespread incarceration at the federal, state and local levels is both ineffective and unsustainable.” For this reason he has decided to surrender our nation’s 40-year “War on Drugs.”

Holder may be right. This war hasn’t worked. It hasn’t decreased drug use. It has simply filled up prisons and cost our nation money.

However, while he and the Democratic Party or at it, perhaps they should also surrender another failing, decades-long war: the “War on Poverty.”

The war was conceived by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964 with the goal of ending poverty

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ECONOMY: We keep asking the wrong questions

I was bemused but vexed when I read the Stephen Stromberg article (TNT, 6-8), “Even at 6.8 percent, student loans are a good deal.” It made me think about how we are asking all the wrong questions these days.

Student debt has reached more than $1 trillion, exceeding credit card debt, and it cannot be forgiven through bankruptcy. Costs of college have skyrocketed for the past two decades, and while the value of the education might be great, it is totally the wrong question to ask whether the loans are a good deal.

They are another good deal for

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OBAMA: Why are top Cabinet members leaving?

Here we are just a few days beyond Barack Obama’s re-election, and already his Cabinet members appear to be leaving in droves. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder have said they are not keen on another term with Team Obama. And now David Petraeus has resigned as CIA director due to his own “unacceptable behavior” by engaging in an extramarital affair.

Clinton and Petraeus have been under investigation since the 9/11 attack in Benghazi. Holder has been held in contempt by Congress for his participation in the failed “Fast and Furious” debacle. What does this exodus

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OBAMA: Where’s outrage over president’s corruption?

I am amazed by the deafening silence from my progressive friends on the outrageous actions by President Obama of late.

Obama uses an executive order to implement immigration reform and bypass Congress; his Department of Justice shields Attorney General Holder from having to answer for his contempt of Congress; and the president asserts executive privilege to hide the truth about “Fast and Furious.”

Obama’s Health and Human Services requires employers to cover contaceptives, abortifacients and sterilization in the health insurance they provide their employees despite their religious objections. He refuses to enforce immigration laws and defend the Defense of Marriage

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HOLDER: Attorney general is guilty

Re: “House action deserving of contempt” (letter, 7-1).

Operation “Fast and Furious” allowed over 2,000 firearms to cross the border into Mexico. Border Agent Brian Terry was killed as a direct result of this gross negligence. The government officials who are responsible for this failed ATF program have not only Terry’s blood on their hands but also that of all the Mexican citizens killed with these weapons.

This is not a political ploy, Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress about his involvement and knowledge of “Fast and Furious.”

Kent resident Benedict C. Ladera was recently sentenced to a

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HOLDER: House act deserving of contempt

The House of Representatives was out of line to issue contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder (TNT, 6-29).

This is so clearly a political ploy intended to achieve two things: distract Holder from his normal duties by tying up his office in chasing paper and payback by Republicans for congressional treatment of former attorneys general John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales.

It would be a refreshing surprise if either chamber were interested in working to make life better for American citizens instead of doing everything possible to paralyze legitimate, effective congressional activity.