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ELECTION: UPlace needs Choiniere on City Council

Washington, D.C., under lockdown is frightening. Our federal government under shutdown is not funny. I was there when everything came to a standstill.

It was supposed to be a “bucket list” trip to visit the incredible museums and honor loved ones at the memorials. I wanted to salute my dad, who was a radio-gunner in the Army Air Corps in the Pacific, and my father-in-law, who was on a mine-sweeper off the coast of Italy.

Instead we saw the World War II Memorial from outside barricades. That was not what I had in mind!

The people we talked to weren’t

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ELECTION: Disgusting hit piece on O’Ban opponent

I’ve met Eric Choiniere, candidate for state representative in the 28th District. He seems like a nice young man, sincerely concerned about effective legislation in University Place, a little rough around the edges, but has commitment.

I had not decided for whom I would vote until today. A “hit” mailing arrived from an unidentified Kirkland group called “Change Olympia” blasting Choiniere’s early personal life. It’s the kind of dirty. last-minute political attack that should not be tolerated.

Choiniere’s opponent, Steve O’Ban, should be above such tactics. I am so offended and insulted by this mailing that I shall vote for

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ELECTION: Choiniere cagey on income tax stand

I was more than a bit surprised to hear that Eric Choiniere, Democratic candidate for state representative in the 28th District, professed his opposition to a state income tax at the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce candidate forum Sept. 27.

Last April, I sat on a panel of teachers’ union members in which he did just the opposite: He indicated the need for a state income tax.  Talking in a casual and friendly way with union members whose collective bargaining status, he promised, would only be taken away over his “dead body,” the discussion turned to the necessity of generating more revenue

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