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TACOMA: Council made right decision on manager

Congratulations to Tacoma Mayor Strickland and the City Council for a good decision to move forward with a new city manager. This time, look for someone who is not dominant.

This mayor and council are very bright, policy- oriented and talented. They do not need a leader in the new manager; they need a follower, someone to follow their lead, their direction, their policy, their ordinances, their collective wisdom and decisions.

They represent the people. The city charter is clear. The City Council sets the policy. The city manager implements the policy.

Sounds simple, but it is not simple day

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TPD: Ramsdell has a history of integrity

The recent articles about Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell seem sensationalized and one-sided. Each new story contains bits and pieces of information that try to paint a picture and plant a seed of doubt about Ramsdell’s character.

I could see this type of scrutiny if Ramsdell had a history of his integrity being called into question, but that is not the case. He has worked tirelessly to improve the standing of the TPD.

Ramsdell was with and supported Zina Linnik’s family every step of the way. Zina’s case was the first Amber Alert for the TPD. Any problems that led

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TACOMA: City manager system must change

Eight years ago, Tacoma Police Chief David Brame shot his wife and himself in front of his two children. That alone was a senseless tragedy. But the real scandal was the cover-up that had preceded this murder-suicide for years.

City manager Ray Corpuz had been informed of Brame’s erratic and abusive behavior and did nothing to discipline or remove his dysfunctional subordinate. In the end, the City Council fired Corpuz in the wake of the tragedy. He still collects $101,392 in annual retirement benefits from our city, and will do so for the rest of his life.

City Manager Eric

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UNION: Leaders’ actions set an example

Re: “Public unions can spare themselves the backlash” (editorial, 2-20).

The News Tribune editorial board would do well to actually read some of the content the newspaper publishes. Less than a year ago an article reported that even in the current recession, most public workers are paid less than their private sector counterparts. That includes medical benefits and pensions.

For his part, Tacoma City Manager Eric Anderson would do well to remember that leadership begins at the top, and actions speak louder than words. He set the example for the rest of us by accepting a 17 percent pay

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TACOMA: Elect person who runs the city

Re: “City manager should refuse raise” (letter, 11-25).

I completely agree with the writer that Tacoma City Manager Eric Anderson should refuse his raise of $35,000. If he is looking for ways to cut the budget by $3 million, he might just have to settle for his current salary of $200,450. And if he does take a raise, he might want to settle for the 8 percent raise being offered to unionized employees rather than his own 17.4 percent raise. That is what a responsible civil servant should do.

The problem is that Tacoma’s city manager is not a public

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TACOMA: City manager should again refuse raise

Does anyone feel that a public servant making almost a quarter of a million dollars per year is being underpaid?

That’s the message from Tacoma City Manager Eric Anderson, who recently announced he would accept a $35,000 pay raise, in addition to $32,000 in back pay for not taking a raise last year.

At a time of record unemployment, when Tacoma citizens are suffering cuts to vital services and city workers under him are suffering wage freezes and furloughs, our city manager has the audacity to demand more than $67,000 – more than one year’s income for the average Tacoma

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TACOMA: City manager’s raise over the top

Unfortunately for me, I chose to be born in the wrong century, of the wrong sex (female) and labor in the wrong profession (public school teaching) to ever have earned a yearly salary to match the yearly raise just granted to Tacoma’s city manager, Eric Anderson.

Alas and alack.


TACOMA: Anderson’s a hired gun ready to go

Re: “Tacoma city manager cashes in on $35,000 per year pay raise” (thenewstribune.com, 11-11).

Tacoma City Manager Eric Anderson is a hired gun. These administrators negotiate terms as they ride into town with a parachute escape clause.

He rode in an out of Evanston, Ill. (my original hometown). He rode in an out of Des Moines, Iowa, as recently as 2004. He is now ready to leave Tacoma, unless he gets gold scattered at his feet.

Where is his loyalty? He can leave anytime and will. I predict it.