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ENVIRONMENT: Inhofe reflects broken process

Re: “A snowball’s chance” (Off the wire, 3-3).

I welcomed The Washington Post piece criticizing Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma, and his latest circus act. The editorial, however, did not go far enough.

Inhofe is an anti-environment ideologue, and his presence as chair of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee renders impotent what should be a role of vital importance. That it is even possible, in these times, for this man to hold such a position reveals the depth of irrelevancy to which the 114th U.S. Congress has sunk.

The debate about whether global warming is real and fueled by humans

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ELECTION: Why I support Judy Arbogast

I support Judy Arbogast for state senator for the 26th Legislative District. I have known Judy for three years from our church, where she is very active. She is a dedicated, responsible person who listens carefully and provides thoughtful answers. Like me, she is very concerned about the environment and understands that we must do something about anthropogenic (manmade) climate change.

By contrast, her opponent, Jan Angel, has no such concerns about the environment. I have met with her, and her actions and public statements have indicated that she will not even acknowledge the existence of anthropogenic climate change, much

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ELECTION: Only one candidate values the environment in the 26th District Senate race

It’s been well-publicized how committed state Sen. Nathan Schlicher is, working hard for creation of living-wage jobs, efficient and affordable health care, and fully funding public education.

What is less known about him is that he is the only candidate for the 26th Legislative District Senate seat who values the environment. In the 2013 regular and special legislative sessions, he voted against attempts by the right-wingers to pass anti-environment legislative proposals.

Examples of his environmental commitment were his votes defending Initiative 937, reducing climate-changing pollution, protecting our limited water resources, protecting the gray wolf, adequately funding public transportation, creating jobs

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OBAMA: Critic could use a reality check

Re: “Speech puts failure on display” (letter, 7-26).

The letter is about as far away from reality as it gets. The writer says a recent speech by President Obama shows his failures, when actually it clearly illustrates the failures of the Party of No, otherwise known as the Republicans.

The modern world is not something the conservatives can accept, as they constantly throw roadblocks in front of the president on such issues as comprehensive health care for all citizens, fair immigration policies, women’s health and women’s choice, gay rights, stronger gun laws, protecting the environment, reining in the excess

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ENVIRONMENT: TNT headline is misleading

Re: “Green seal is meaningless” (TNT, 6-3).

Quite bold of The News Tribune to make such a proclamation in the headline, since nowhere in the story are any facts offered up whatsoever; it simply described a far-left environmental groups lawsuit against the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), where nothing has been settled.

ForestEthics, the leftist group at the center of the story, is apparently claiming that the SFI is misleading corporate America and their customers by offering green certification to products not deserving that label. Again, nothing in the story collaborates that claim, and the story offered no opposing opinion.

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WILDERNESS: Vision too often is lacking

Re: “Preserving wilderness areas vital to maintaining the health of Puget Sound” (Viewpoint, 9-26).

I was mildly surprised by the article in support of preserving wilderness areas. The surprise was seeing some of our leaders promoting a long-term vision.

So much of what we do in Washington and Olympia these days are things our grandchildren will scratch their heads and wonder – what were those guys thinking? Here we have something where our grandchildren – and their grandchildren – will say, “Nice work, folks.”


PLASTIC: Support ban on disposable bags

Spring is finally here and many of us are preparing to spend another glorious summer on the beaches of Puget Sound. The Puget Sound is an incredibly diverse and beautiful environment. It is resilient to a point but not limitless in its ability to balance itself as our human actions continue to compound stresses and toxic effects of the residues of modern life.

One such toxic stress is discarded plastic materials, such as disposable plastic bags. Fewer than 5 percent of these bags are recycled. Plastic bags, after initial use, go into landfills, are scattered around our communities and often

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ENVIRONMENT: Why was article published?

In his April 19 commentary, Robert H. Nelson, professor of environmental policy at the University of Maryland, claims that environmentalism and traditional religion are enough alike to be treated as constitutionally the same.

To support this view, Nelson selects Bible passages and commentary from John Calvin, Paul Tillich and David Brower, none of which address the critical differences between these categories.

It’s certainly true that some people who identify themselves as environmentalists aren’t very careful about evaluating the science that underlies the movement or the resulting policy choices. Others may simply believe that the planet is being overstressed and

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