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GOP: 31st District has two caucus locations

Your Feb. 29 issue correctly stated the caucus location for the Pierce County portion of the 31st District. But a significant portion of this district lies in King County. There are two separate county chairpersons and very little coordination between the two entities as a state legislative unit.

In the greater Enumclaw area, our caucus location is at Auburn High School on March 3. With the price of gasoline, it will be difficult enough to get suburban and rural voters to a single caucus location without having them go to the wrong location.



POLLUTION: Redraw burn ban boundaries

Re: “EPA deadline drives state to boost air rules” (TNT, 2021).

The air pollution regulators are at it again relative to restricting wood-stove burning in our area.

They just don’t understand that enforcing burn bans based on artificial political boundaries doesn’t work. For example, under a King County burn OK and a Pierce County burn bank, a home on the Enumclaw side of White River could burn away legally, while a home a few feet across the river in Buckley would be banned from burning and subject to heavy penalties and fines.

The regulators should be smart enough to

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