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ENTITLEMENTS: Cuts needed, not expansion

Re: “Fiscal problems falling on the shoulders of children” (Katie Baird column, 3-15).

The last thing this country needs is to redefine entitlements to include the young. As a professor of economics, Baird clearly should recognize the financial straits we’re in and the ultimate harm this will do to our youth in burdening them with excessive debt.

Increasing this debt even further to “ensure all kids have guaranteed access to health care and quality preschools” misses the point: Entitlements will need to be reduced for everyone.

If she were to have made an economic argument to reduce retiree entitlements in

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ENTITLEMENTS: What’s wrong with them?

There has been much debate about entitlements in the news lately, but what about them?

Social Security is the country’s largest entitlement. I have contributed to Social Security all my working life. I feel I am entitled to every penny I receive.

Medicare is another entitlement. I have paid into it since its inception. I feel I am entitled to those benefits.

I paid into a pension. I am entitled to a fair return from that.

I am a veteran. Should I need it, I am entitled to Veterans Affairs benefits.

I have been a member of several unions. I

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