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ENTITLEMENTS: Resist unsustainable extravagances

The Obama administration is driving us into an “entitlement” culture and nation – from top to bottom; which is socialism with a creeping loss of our freedoms, opportunities, privacy and prosperity.

Almost a majority of U.S. residents (legal and illegal) now believe they are entitled to food stamps, health care, housing, K-12 education, transportation, domestic security and international peace (all without any contribution).

This majority now includes the chronic unemployed, labor unionists, many local government workers, the president and his appointees (note the Obama family’s $100 million trip to Africa and top officials’ “conference” soirées to Las Vegas at taxpayers’

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ECONOMY: GOP must separate economics from social rhetoric

Republicans have important economic questions to put on the table in any discussion about America’s future. Why do Republicans embed their economics in the social rhetoric of the antebellum South, a slave-state culture that largely despises non-Christians, disdains nonwhites and distrusts independent women?

Distinct from far-right cultural prejudices are valid fiscal questions like:

• Why do we assume that one citizen is “entitled” to the earnings of another?

• Have we confused the moral imperative to share, through our free will, with the political imperative of the state to enforce taxation?

• When a shrinking base of producers supports an

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ECONOMY: True patriots are willing to sacrifice

The people of France and Greece had a choice: the survival of their nations or the satisfaction of their own narrow interests.

Now, the continued existence of those countries is not as important in the larger scheme of things as that of the United States, but we are faced with the same decisions as those Europeans. America and the world cannot survive the repercussions of making the same mistake they did.

They are in for a “hard landing” that probably will result in dire social consequences – all the result of their own shortsightedness. We still have a chance to

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ENTITLEMENTS: Stop calling them that

Please stop calling Social Security and Medicare “entitlements.” These programs are not entitlements, hand-outs or social programs.

Our members of Congress, along with the news media, have forgotten that most of us have been paying for Social Security and Medicare all our working lives. Not only did I contribute to Social Security, but my employer did, too. It totaled 15 percent of my income before taxes. If I averaged only $30,000 a year over my working life, that’s close to $220,500.

For better or worse, people in their 50s and older have built this country. We also built the companies

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DEBT: Tighten our belts or lose our pants

We all know that if America doesn’t stop plunging deeper and deeper into debt, our financial future will be catastrophic.

Some keep saying that we should raise taxes on the rich. OK, let’s raise their income taxes by 5 percent, but only on the condition that the rest of us share in getting by with less.

I can already hear my ears ringing, but the only meaningful solution would probably be to make 5 percent cutbacks in all federal spending, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, defense spending, foreign aid and all the rest. And yes, even the food stamp program

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U.S.: Ideas for saving the country

Here are four suggestions for saving our country.

• Term limits on elected legislators (national and state). Career politicians have lost sight, refuse to recognize or understand what the people of this country want. Most have never had a “real” job.

• Cut foreign aid to countries that hate us (which is most of them).

• Review the social programs that have created the “entitlement mentality.”

• Bring our troops back home. Saving the world cannot be our priority when we have people with no jobs. This alone could create the money required to save Social Security for our children.

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ENTITLEMENTS: What about corporate benefits?

Re: “Cuts needed, not expansion” (letter, 3-20).

The letter writer feels we are burdening the young with excessive debt and suggests programs that ensure kids have guaranteed access to health care and preschool (and presumably WIC and Head Start) are entitlements and “will need to be reduced for everyone” to lower the debt burden on our young.

Those on the far right always point the finger at social programs as an exercise in wasting money. I would suggest he look at entitlements for our corporate “citizens” as well, such as the Republican Congress prohibiting by law the federal government from

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ENTITLEMENTS: ‘Haves’ need to help ‘have-nots’

Re: “Fiscal problems falling on the shoulders of children” (Katie Baird column, 3-15).

Thanks once again to Baird for reminding us that those with greatest need in our society usually have the least power to assure that those needs are met in the scramble for public funds.

Those with economic power and political influence (the “haves”) get to decide how taxes and other public resources are allocated, and they usually assure that they enjoy the benefits fully. I wait for the day – but without holding my breath – when the “haves” in our human community will say, “Increase my

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