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TNT: Endorsements are helpful for busy voters

Re: “Endorsements send the wrong message” (letter, 10-18).

I disagree with the writer for several reasons. Many people have neither the interest nor time to research and learn about the candidates and issues, so resorting to a knowledgeable source for guidance other than the negative commercial television political ads is of benefit to our state and country.

It’s too bad that this is the reality, but frankly most people are so taken up with just making ends meet that if they choose to benefit from intelligent, knowledgeable (in my opinion), unbiased editors whose primary job is to inform the

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ELECTION: Just what do endorsements mean?

What does it mean when a candidate or issue is “endorsed” by someone? It means that the candidate or issue’s point of view is supported by the endorser.

Based on that we could probably safely say that Initiative 1183 is supported by retail businesses and consumers and opposed by public employees and liquor distributors. These positions are understandable since consumers and retailers will pay less for liquor while liquor distributors and public employees both stand to lose money.

This is true with every candidate or issue, especially when it comes to endorsements by public employees. They profess it’s for the

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ELECTION: Reichert refuses to debate

I see The News Tribune endorsed Dave Reichert. Did you know that he has refused, on many occasions, to debate his challenger Suzan DelBene?

Seems to me that a candidate who will not publicly answer questions about his views undercuts democracy and the peoples’ right to know. Not what he says in an ad, but how he answers questions in a controlled, bipartisan environment should inform voters.

This should be reason alone to endorse Suzan DelBene.