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CENTRAL PIERCE: Voter support needed Aug. 16

Thank you to The News Tribune for endorsing Central Pierce Fire & Rescue’s Aug. 16 ballot measures (editorial, 8-3). The emergency medical services levy and the fire benefit charge make up nearly half the fire district’s revenue and must be renewed by voters every six years. These are not new taxes or a tax increase.

Basic fire district funding was established back in the 1930s for rural volunteer departments. Many fire districts now serve more densely populated communities and have taken on more responsibilities such as emergency medical services, hazardous materials and technical rescue. Consequently, the Legislature has responded by providing

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ELECTION: Support Key Peninsula EMS levy

On Aug. 17, Fire District 16 voters are being asked to renew the emergency medical services levy.

We want to encourage support for this levy, which is not a new tax; it is simply a continuation of your current tax, which will maintain current level of emergency services on the Key Peninsula.

Response times are a critical part of cardiac and trauma-related emergencies. In the past decade, the fire service has been increasingly tasked with responding to EMS incidents.

Statistics show that due to their central locations, fire-based paramedic services greatly enhance the survival rate of patients. To maintain this

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