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HUNGER: Budget impasse would hurt relief efforts

The deadline for avoiding a government shutdown on July 1 is fast approaching, yet the state Legislature still cannot agree on a budget.

The Emergency Food Network and other hunger-relief programs received notices this week telling us that if there is no budget, we will not get the funds from the state that we rely on to make sure no one in Pierce County goes hungry.

We serve 66 hunger-relief programs in Pierce County. Without funding from the state many of the programs we serve could face closed doors due to lack of rent, unable to buy supplement food and/or

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HUNGER: Need rises, but funding’s still the same

My heartfelt thanks to the members of the Washington Senate and House for recognizing the importance food banks have in combating hunger in Washington. While they have included funds for the Emergency Food Assistance Program in previous budgets, the amount has not increased since 2008. During that same time the need in Pierce County has grown 69 percent.

The additional funding in the 2014 budget will provide food banks money they desperately need, and the ability to use it in ways that make sense for them. While this additional funding will not solve the problem of hunger, it takes an

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HUNGER: Donate to food banks

Hunger is a serious topic all over the world, and many people die from it every day. Research says that 14 percent of the world goes hungry every day. That’s about 49 million people without food to eat. Most people can’t even wrap their head around that big of a number, so to give you an idea, combine the populations of Washington, Oregon, California, Utah and Idaho. That’s a lot of people! Read more »