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TACOMA: Walmart leads to loss of good-paying jobs

If you don’t count the already worsening traffic, the first casualty of Walmart in Central Tacoma is the closing of Top Foods. It is the loss of good-paying union jobs in exchange for minimum wage jobs doing the same work. In addition, the already rich Walton family has transferred the cost of providing paychecks to their employees and local businesses by issuing debit cards instead of paper checks or direct deposit.

It is important to remember that it is the greed of the Elks Club that is in part to blame. I will continue to shop at local businesses.


ELKS CLUB: Idea for Tacoma Elks site

Here’s a new idea for the Elks Club site off South Union: build a Wal-Doc, a new low cost medical center utilizing staff brought in from low cost countries, certified to local board standards, but still willing to provide services for lower fees.

I’ve heard many anecdotal stories about getting equivalent medical and dental care in Mexico, Panama, India, etc. Instead of patients having to travel there to get service, why not bring the providers here?

The medical community shouldn’t be immune and protected from the outsourcing the rest of us are feeling.

After that shows success, we could try

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