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ELECTIONS: We need to get big money out of politics

Re “How to get our voices – and our dream – back” (letter, 11-25).

The word “mandatory” leaped out at me in this letter. It’s a challenging word when we rugged individualist Washington voters talk politics, but as the writer points out, it is sometimes necessary to make something happen.

Taxes for schools, roads, police, parks etc. – these we accept as mandatory. Shouldn’t “mandatory” apply to the perhaps more basic public concern: maintaining a fair electoral system to make these good things happen? I believe it should.

There is an organization in Washington state that is geared to

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ELECTIONS: How to get our voices back

Re: “Who stole the American dream and how can we get it back?” (Viewpoint, 11-13). The article reminded me of a Pew Research poll last month that revealed that only 19 percent of Americans trust the federal government as compared to the 1960s when 73 percent did. I suggest that the majority of us do not think that our elected officials listen to us; rather they listen to their wealthy campaign donors. The only way we will ever get our American dream back is by having mandatory public financing of federal elections. While we have public funding for the

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ELECTIONS: Join us in policing smear campaigns

In the weeks leading up to the August 6 election, we, along with most of you, received at least one, if not multiple, campaign flyers in the mail. All of them made an attempt to make the other candidate out to be the bad guy. At times they told us why we should vote for them or about their many virtues. But all of them, to a fault, slammed the other candidate.

Then came the robot calls – pre-recorded messages telling us not why we should vote for them but smearing their opponents. I’m not looking forward to the next

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ELECTION: Vote for Angel in the 26th District

I think almost all would like to see efficient, effective state government. The one big exception is the SEIU union bosses. They want more union dues, higher pay and less work per union member. They are involved in the political process, elections, so they can get their puppets into office.

Many cities and counties have gone bankrupt due to these puppet politicians. Detroit is an example of the most recent case.

We now have an election in the 26th Legislative District for state senator. The incumbent, Nathan Schlicher, gets a 100 percent rating from the union bosses. His opponent, state

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VOTING: Court makes disenfranchisement easier

It appears that many Republicans in the U.S. Senate realize they can’t win the presidency without votes from the growing Latino minority, so to their credit they passed a bipartisan immigration bill 68 to 32.

Exit to the Supreme Court, where much to the astonishment of civil rights veterans like Congressman John Lewis key provisions of the Voting Rights Act were dismantled. Republicans love this because now in states like Texas, Alabama, North Carolina and others they can pass bills requiring voter ID., which could throw millions of Latino, minority and senior voters off the rolls.

Texas already had a

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ELECTIONS: We still need Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court is reconsidering the Voting Rights Act (thenewstribune.com, 2-27).

I grew up in the deep South, in Georgia – the only state then where the voting age was 18. My senior year in high school, our civics teacher took all of the 18-year-olds to the courthouse to register to vote.

The room we were in had a fence down the middle, and blacks entered by another door and tried to register on the other side of the fence. I filled out a form and was registered. I watched as blacks were asked to read and explain parts

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VOTING: Turnout should be higher

Average voter turnout in the United States is seldom higher than 60 percent.

Just before the Soviet Union collapsed, my uncle came to visit us from Latvia. An election took place during his visit. I was tired after a day’s work; I didn’t feel like going to vote. Anyway, it was a minor, off-year election. When I told my uncle, he exclaimed, “You can’t not vote!” He eagerly accepted my invitation to come along. Of course, they wouldn’t let him go into the voting booth with me. But he got to see how a free people uphold democracy. Just the

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VOTING: No confidence in all-mail elections

Re: “Mail-in ballots in focus” (TNT, 10-15).

I was dismayed when Pierce County joined the rest of the state for voting by mail. I was assured by my legislator that it was more cost-effective and efficient. But at what cost to democracy? The front-page article only confirms my fear and dismay.

I have always enjoyed going to the polls. My parents raised me to see it as a privilege and an exciting thing to do. I miss it. I voted by mail for the first time a few months ago only to get a letter telling me my ballot

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