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PENINSULA: Follow the money

Recent comments in area newspapers criticized donors to Citizens for Responsible School Spending. Yet the Yes committee’s largest donors are from businesses that will profit from contracts with Peninsula schools if the Aug. 5 ballot measures pass.

The committee’s largest donor is Olympic Resource Management, donating $5,000. It owns Harbor Hill Housing Development and will use the new school as a selling point for new homes and apartments that the district claims will overcrowd schools.

The district also bought 14 acres at $4.1 million from the same developer. In addition, large donations came from a Federal Way architectural firm and

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ELECTION: Vote no on East Pierce levy

East Pierce Fire & Rescue, never satisfied with the money it gets, wants another maintenance and operations levy, Proposition 1 on the Aug. 5 ballot.

The fire district is asking taxpayers to replace the existing, soon-to-expire two-year levy with a four-year levy. Not only that, it wants a 55 percent increase in the levy amount.

The existing levy has cost taxpayers $3.1 million per year, but Prop. 1 will cost East Pierce taxpayers $4.8 million per year – a 55 percent increase. Are you guaranteed a 55 percent increase in pay for the next four years?

The district says it

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ELECTION: Voters should pass on Green for Senate

Re: “Ad attacking Tami Green doesn’t tell the whole story” (TNT, 5-14).

Yes, the Tami Green ads may not tell the whole story, but they certainly say enough to tell the voters to pass on her being a Senator! Though her sanctions were minor, they seem to point out a trend common to today’s lawmakers that the misuse of a political office for pedaling inappropriate gain is OK. Plus, her anemic support to the citizens of Tillicum in opposing the Camp Murray gate relocation was appalling.

Steve O’Ban is doing a good job and deserves a full term to

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ELECTIONS: Even losing candidates benefit

Re: “Legal pot, fundraising separate candidates” (TNT, 5-11).

Why would a candidate who has no hope of winning an election, run for that office? Unfortunately, sometimes it’s for the money. One such race is this year’s Denny Heck versus Joyce McDonald for Washington’s 10th Congressional District. Heck is the certain winner whether we support his political positions or not.

What is very concerning is just how much a candidate can profit from a losing race. In her last county campaign, three of the largest beneficiaries of McDonald’s campaign fund were her political ally’s printing company, her daughter as campaign

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ELECTION: Support levies for Sumner/Bonney Lake schools

I am the father of five children, and I want each of them to have access to bigger and better opportunities than I had. I am also a local small business owner and am concerned with the continued economic vitality of our community.

Receiving a robust, up-to-date education is key to giving our children a chance to compete in a very competitive global economy and the future development of our community. That is why I am saying yes to the Sumner/Bonney Lake school levies.

The district’s existing four-year operations and maintenance levy expires soon. As the current levy expires, the

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ELECTION: Degrees don’t make candidate qualified

Re: the profiles on Jan Angel and Nathan Schlicher (TNT, 10-13). It was refreshing to read the article which had no accusations or smear comments.

It appears the degrees Schlicher earned starting at an early age are important to your readers who write in. However, having a degree does not mean doing a better job. In my opinion, a politician should have the ability to balance a budget, promote jobs, keep taxes low, fund education and use common sense.

Schlicher spent a lot of time in school and is now a skilled doctor in the emergency room. Angel spent

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ELECTION: Legislature needs Schlicher’s health-care expertise

There are three important reasons to vote for Nathan Schlicher over Jan Angel in the upcoming state Senate election in the 26th Legislative District.

• With the dramatic changes in health care taking center stage in our state, we need at least one health-care professional in the Legislature. There are dozens of small business owners and career politicians like Angel already serving now, but Schlicher would be the only legislator to bring the real world expertise of an emergency room medical doctor to our state’s health-care committee.

• Frustrated with gridlock? Voting for Angel will bring more gridlock to our

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POLITICS: Young adults need to get informed

I just celebrated my 18th birthday, and for the first time, I was legally considered an adult in the eyes of the U.S. government.

Who am I now? A single voice in a country so topsy-turvy that the lines are blurred between parties, political misinformation is rampant and nobody really knows where they stand on anything. So few of us actually understand America; we have no choice but to vote blindly.

I sit in my AP U.S. government class every morning, just struggling to form an opinion.

Don’t call it teenage stupidity. The over-30 set is often just as uninformed.

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