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ELECTION: Harbaugh supporters’ behavior is the real story

Re: “Candidate forum proved to be revealing” (letter, 6-25).

I also attended the candidate forum on June 18 and saw a completely different picture than the letter writer. In two Peninsula School Board candidates, I saw years of experience – both inside and outside the school district – in volunteer service and business leadership positions. Leslie Harbaugh’s volunteer experience, while commendable, is narrow and includes leading several failed levy campaigns.

I especially noticed how disrespectful Harbaugh’s supporters were to the other candidates. Harlan Gallinger, who recently vacated his school board position under questionable circumstances and who handpicked Harbaugh to

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ELECTION: Harbaugh will work with all sides

As longtime residents of the Gig Harbor area (now on the Key Peninsula), with grandkids attending school in the Peninsula School District, we’re writing to express our support for Leslie Harbaugh for the school board’s District 4 position.

Above all, we think our school district needs real leadership, transparency and accountability. For instance, we’re happy to support school funding measures, but only if the money is spent wisely and the district does what it says it’s going to do.

As she’s shown in her years of volunteer work on behalf of our schools, Harbaugh has a true capacity to work with

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ELECTION: In search of a new kind of politician

Facing a year and half of presidential campaigning and an interminable parade of candidates, among whom none may claim entitlement to the highest office, I need a clear standard by which to vote.

It is a sad fact that we most often elect the candidate who enables us to blame others for our problems, rather than the candidate who inspires us to take responsibility for ourselves.

The right blames our nation’s crisis on “foreign” religions and immigrants. Its solution is to bomb Third World villages and close our borders.

The left blames the free market. Its solution is state overcontrol, pouring other peoples’

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POLITICS: Voters need to exert their power

We are hearing a lot these days about conflicts of interest and large donations regarding Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The fact is that conflicts of interest and large donations happen every single day within all parties in our Congress.

These individual and corporate billionaires’ donations control our politicians and their votes on bills and programs that affect all of us. Since the U.S. Supreme Court will not put limits on this massive form of corruption, it is more important now more than ever that we do our own research in choosing who we elect to represent us.

This year, let’s

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TACOMA: Candidate’s actions speak louder than words

If you live in the North End of Tacoma, you may have seen a number of campaign signs appear recently – for a single candidate and no others.

The signs have been up for about a month, and since the primary election is Aug. 18, I assume we’ll enjoy the privilege of their presence for at least the next  six months.

I urge all voters to consider this candidate’s true feelings about using public space for advertising; actions speak louder than words. I believe in the freedom of speech, but I also believe the essence of judgment is that just because

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ELECTION: Enough with all the whining

I’d like to respond to the letter-writer who believes that the recent election results did not accurately reflect the feelings of the American people, but rather were an indication that those evil, racist, powerful, ignorant conservatives somehow hijacked the process (letter, 11-11).

Can I just say: “Wow! Really?”

Here’s my simpler explanation for the lopsided results: A majority of American voters, many of whom are intelligent and non-racist, are dissatisfied with the job performance of President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and their cohorts, and want to see a change.

The letter writer might comfort himself in the

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ELECTION: Democrats in total denial

It was predictable. President Obama and the Democrats are in total denial over the Republican victory in the midterm election.

President Obama stated he didn’t sell his economic accomplishments well enough. While campaigning, he listed a host of statistics. Don Shula, former coach of the Miami Dolphins, said years ago that ”statistics are for losers.” The American people couldn’t care less about statistics but they do care about take-home pay. Average wages for middle-class Americans have stagnated or gone down under Obama.

Democrats are telling us this was an election about nothing and that only around 36 percent of voters actually voted.

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ELECTION: The American people did not speak

Re: “The American people have spoken” (letter, 11-07).

The American people did not speak in this election. A minority of voters (an estimated 36 percent) spoke. The majority of Americans did speak in 2012 with a 57 percent turnout, but this was ignored.

Money spoke loud and proud with and estimated $3.7 billion spent, most of which was contributed by .2 percent of the population. I guess money is speech, and corporations really are people.

Voter suppression spoke this election. MIDTREVO (Mandatory Identification Targeted to REstrict VOting) and the gutting of the Voting Rights Act gave the conservatives a legal loophole to bypass the

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