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SMOKING: Support cigar lounge legislation

Re: “Extinguish “cigar lounge’ bills” (letter, 2-9).

If I didn’t know better, I would swear I was reading a letter dated around 1910 written by a Temperance Union matron. Who died and made Pat Richmond of the Tobacco-free Alliance in charge of saving Washington residents who choose to engage in grown-up behavior at their own risk in a confined environment affecting no one who doesn’t choose to join them?

El Gaucho has spent thousands of dollars, from what I understand, creating an adult environment for adults who choose to indulge in the occasional pleasure of a cigar. Good grief, people,

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SMOKING: Extinguish ‘cigar lounge’ bills

House Bill 1683 and Senate Bill 5542 are designed to thumb their noses at existing tobacco laws (and seem to have El Gaucho written all over them) so that ill-defined “cigar lounges” and “retail tobacconist shops” can be established with special license endorsements for tobacco use.

Tobacco use is the No. 1 preventable cause of death and disease in Washington state. To open the door for special interests to allow more tobacco use as well as force the state to incur more tobacco-related health care costs seems foolhardy.

The murky parameters in the bills lend themselves to difficult enforcement. Cigarettes

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SMOKING: Ban aims at protecting workers

To those who have written about El Gaucho and its now-forbidden cigar room: I’ve read the letters on this topic, and, while all or nearly all of these writers repeat the mantra that the indoor cigar smokers at this restaurant aren’t bothering anyone else or aren’t hurting anyone, no one has mentioned the wait-staff, cleanup staff, stockers and various others who must work in that environment.

Unlike the customers, who presumably expect to come in for an hour or two once in a while, the workers must remain in that smoke-filled room for most of the duration of their

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EL GAUCHO: Anti-cigar extremism from health officials

El Gaucho restaurant in Tacoma has spent thousands of dollars and jumped through countless hoops to provide a quarantined environment for adults to sit and enjoy a cigar out of the rain, just to be smacked down by Health Department extremists.

One extreme would be to allow smoking cigars everywhere, on buses, in hospitals, in day cares, you name it, but Health Department Director Anthony Chen’s views represent the other extreme. He somehow believes adults smoking cigars, in a room dedicated for that purpose and not bothering anyone else, is a threat to public safety.

This is both laughable and

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