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MIDDLE EAST: Obama contributed to crisis

When the regional uprising began in the Middle East months ago, moderate Muslim leaders in the region were deposed and the radical Muslim Brotherhood rose to power, with President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s blessings. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood got the blessing of the Obama administration. The same thing happened in Libya.

Now Egypt is helping to arm Hamas, which is terrorizing Israel.

Obama and Clinton knew the Muslim Brotherhood around the region would increase the likelihood of war and terrorism on Israel. Why did they then bless its rise to power? Obama’s cover for blessing the organization was that

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ELECTION: Is this what TNT is endorsing?

Re: “With sobered expectations, Obama for president” (editorial, 10-24).

Is this what The News Tribune endorses for America?

• An unemployment rate of nearly 8 percent today, when we were promised the rate would fall to 5 percent with the $800 billion-plus stimulus?

• A doubling of gas prices?

• $6 trillion added to the national debt?

• An increase of food stamp usage from 32 million to 46 million users?

• A nearly $4,000 decrease in median income for the middle class?

• A 2,700-page health care law with over 1,300 waivers given to Democratic allies and patrons?

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EGYPT: No coward at all

Re: “Food from the homeland” (TNT, 4-20).

Wafa Abdelrehim helped to birth the movement that has freed Egypt from Mubarak; he has nothing to be ashamed of. Staying to die an untimely death in a back room somewhere would not have helped advance the movement, may in fact have stalled it, and left his son with no one to look up to.

He should be proud of the part he has played in this historic event. I’m sure that his son is.


MIDEAST: Strike reminds us of freedom’s price

Freedom is a privilege. It is earned. Not given. It has a price. This past month the world has been reminded of this fact by protests and violence in Egypt and now in Libya.

In Egypt, after 30 years of virtual dictatorship, weeks of protest, fear and violence, with hundreds of lives lost, freedom is finally shining through. The same battle is being fought in Libya, and after only one week reports are citing approximately 300 dead with protesters showing no signs of stopping.

America is approaching 277 years as an independent democratic nation. I am not saying that we

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EGYPT: U.S. shouldn’t interfere

I was very disappointed but not at all surprised that the CPAC Republicans had their own twisted views on what kind of government Egypt needs. When will they ever learn that one of the reasons the U.S. is so disliked in the Mideast is because of our penchant for interfering in matters that are none of our business?

Egypt is an Arabic country and most likely will install a government that doesn’t necessarily fit the GOP’s definition of what is best for the U.S. So what? The best thing this country can do is sit back, let the Egyptians

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EGYPT: Overpopulation at heart of problem

No one single factor can explain the violent protests that are going on in Egypt, but one thing that cannot be denied is that we are witnessing an example of what overpopulation can bring about. So, I would like to share some of the information I found in the Wikipedia free online encyclopedia.

In 1939 the population of Egypt was 17 million. Now it is 80 million plus, and 99 percent of the people live on only 5 or 6 percent of the land along the Nile River and its delta. That combined with the fact that half of

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EGYPT: Despite qualms, wishes for protesters’ success

As I sit here dazzled by the brave conduct of the Egyptian people, and as I watch their Egyptian supporters here in America demonstrating for them, one thought keeps intruding. I recall that above the roaring of our anguish as we grappled with the horrors of our 9/11 terror, they were silent.

So having gone through life opening my mouth only to shift my feet, here goes. I don’t particularly appreciate being lectured by an Egyptian woman at the Seattle rally who left her “homeland” to live in and off of a primarily infidel nation, on what we should think

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EGYPT: U.S. should be on the side of freedom

The U.S. has successfully used Islamophobia as an excuse to support police states throughout the Middle East. In Egypt, millions of people live on less than $2 a day, yet for decades we have supplied Egypt’s corrupt undemocratic regime with hundreds of billions in weapons.

Now we try to save face by encouraging “restraint” even as Egyptian military officers meet in the Pentagon, tear gas canisters labeled “made in the USA – Jamestown PA” rip through crowds of protesters, and elite puppets of America’s corporate empire flee Cairo airport on private jets.

Arming repressive oligarchs in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi

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