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FOREIGN POLICY: Are we the world’s guardian?

Re: “Obama’s miscues reveals his ignorance” (letter, 3-30).

From my understanding of the writer’s intent, I believe he is suggesting that because of the president’s “ignorance regarding foreign affairs,” we “aren’t working in the best interests of our country” when we refuse to deploy troops wherever the Islamic world is in conflict with other factions of Islam or nonbelievers, whoever they may be.

If we accept the writer’s premise, we would probably have troops (with U.S.-supplied weapons) deployed in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Indonesia, Chechnya, Gaza, Lebanon and a few I missed.

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UKRAINE: 1938 all over again

President Obama made a hot-microphone comment to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in March 2012. Did it include Obama’s focus and his overall approach to foreign policy?

The 2012 election is over. Our global foreign policy was developed after World War II. It has been radically changed. It is in disarray, in a freefall, since the microphone gaffe.

Has President Obama disguised a pull-back plan as a formal agreement between Iran and Israel? The plan allows Iran to continue to develop a nuclear bomb and Israel is forced to go it alone.

As the world stood by Syrian President Assad violated

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MIDEAST: McCain wrong about abandoning Iraq

So now al-Qaida has taken over a hunk of Iraq – further proof that our meddling in the Middle East is the biggest mistake we ever made.

Despite all the American blood and money that was poured into Iraq and all the American money poured into Halliburton by Cheney/Bush, Iraq is still not a miniature U.S. Go figure. Nor Afghanistan. Nor will Iran ever be.

These people have been the way they are for centuries, a lot longer than we have been the way we are. And we have actually been the “way we are” for only the last 100

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TERRORISM: Do we just wait for the nuclear bombs?

Recently President Obama told the American people to forget the war on Muslim terror, and Americans should go on with their lives. Further, the U.S. can handle the occasional killing of Americans by the terrorists as we would our domestic killers.

His position is applauded by liberal pundits like Leonard Pitts Jr. Meanwhile, the terrorists go on killing Americans. Recently it was our ambassador to Libya and his staff followed quickly by the mass killing in Boston, and then, a British soldier was killed on the streets of London.

Egypt and other countries are now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood,

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AID: Put strings on Israeli aid, too

Re: “When handing out foreign aid, tie it to political concessions” (Charles Krauthammer column, 3-8).

Krauthammer chides Secretary of State John Kerry for offering Egypt $250 million with no strings attached. A letter writer (TNT, 3-10) claims that the U.S. should apply that $250 million to our own debt, not give it away. Neither Krauthammer nor the writer notes that the U.S. gives Israel an annual entitlement of $3.5 billion: billion, not million.

After the 1978 Carter-Sadat-Begin agreement at Camp David, the U.S. began supplying Egypt with annual aid, tacit payoff for maintaining peace with Israel. We should

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EGYPT: US should pay its own bills first

Secretary of State John Kerry has offered more aid to Egypt to help its government pay its bills (TNT, 3-4). Shouldn’t this money have gone toward our own debt, rather than to a foreign government? Our debt is $16 trillion and growing, and there aren’t any extra funds for foreign aid.

I suggest all foreign aid be suspended until our accounts are paid, and citizens of America are taken care of first. I know this will not be popular with members of Congess who authorize this aid, but I think the American people will accept it.

Please do not

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KERRY: News Tribune afraid to print real news

I’m having a difficult time understanding why the wife of the governor adjusting to her new home (TNT, 3-4) is more important (half of the first page) than U.S. Secretary of State Kerry giving Egypt $190 million with the promise of more while America is financially in ruins (TNT, 3-4).

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or independent, everyone must be as stunned as I am.

I just consider the continual bankrupting of our country by politicians a lot more important than Trudi Inslee relaxing at the Governor’s Mansion.

Why not just bury the entire article? It’s obvious

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EGYPT: Lunacy to send jets, tanks to unstable regime

I find it incomprehensible that our government is going forward with plans to ship 16 F-16 fighters and 200 Abrams tanks to Egypt. This was part of a foreign-aid package negotiated with then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. As a result of the Arab Spring, Mubarak has been ousted and replaced with Mohammed Morsi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi has been quoted as saying, “Dear brothers, we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them They must be nursed on hatred. The hatred must continue.”


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