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PATRIOT ACT: Don’t submit to fear

Our world may be dangerous, but we Americans are submitting to this fear. I point out the Fourth Amendment freedoms that were withdrawn with the passage of the Patriot Act as an example.

We now know, because of Edward Snowden, that the government has been collecting meta-data phone records since the passage of the act in 2003 without our authorization, and some of us are cool with that.

The whistleblower is still in Russia. He did the right thing, and our officials blame him. Fortunately, there is the prospect that this egregious part of the Patriot Act will end because

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SNOWDEN: Does TNT support totalitarianism?

Re: “Snowden doesn’t matter; intelligence debacles do” (editorial, 8-5).

Edward Snowden shared with WikiLeaks, not The News Tribune, hence, WikiLeaks knows more than you. So how can you be so sure that he should not have shared it with Congress instead of WikiLeaks?

There are already nearly 100 members of Congress who know all about the fact that Americans have been spied on illegally by the Intelligence State in the U.S. ever since it started under George W. Bush. Why trust them?

By coming out against courageous whistleblowers, you put yourself in the same category as those who would

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NSA: Snowden owed thanks – for what?

Regarding the National Security Agency’s wholesale sweep of phone numbers, the issue of privacy seems a bit overblown.

True enough, a record of my telephone calls exists somewhere in cyberspace, but I don’t consider the fact any more invasive than phone company records, which can be accessed by any government authority with sufficient reason. Until and unless I become a terrorist, I don’t really have to worry about it.

Among the millions, if not billions, of telephone numbers in a government computer, mine is probably among them. So what? I haven’t heard any knocks on the door late at night,

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NATION: Whistle-blowers perform valuable service

I read Peter Callaghan’s July 4 column about how the formation of our nation was due to citizens, not the military. These citizens declared independence from the world’s empire, England, and then constructed our Constitution of freedom and justice for all.

Ironically we are now the world’s largest empire. It seems all empires serve the benefits of the wealthy rather than the common folk. And so that is what is happening today with our empire.

Fortunately, we have had whistle-blowers such as Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning, Thomas Drake, Mark Felt and others over the years, the latest being Edward

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