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EDUCATION: Legislators failed to do their duty

The long, simmering legislative session is over. For some, it brings relief. Perhaps for others, a sense of accomplishment. For me, it elicits a sense of disappointment.

Legislators should be sending apologies to students, teachers and families. Their inability to work in the best interest of education is a failure to fulfill their primary responsibility.

Although funding increases for education will have some positive impact, they still fall short of mandated funding levels. A 176-day log jam driven by political maneuvering is counterintuitive to motivation from moral purpose.

Rating lawmakers’ performance on a four-point rubric assessment places them at an unsatisfactory to basic

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ELECTION: Harbaugh has traits board needs

Here are attributes I believe a successful Peninsula School District board member should have:

• A focus on serving every child of the district. Leslie Harbaugh has demonstrated this in spades as she has volunteered hundreds of hours in countless forms in the district.

• Represent the entire community, be aware of and honor divergent views. I have witnessed Harbaugh make tremendous efforts to reach out to those who have concerns about the district policies and campaigns in hopes to understand their concerns and address them.

• Be a responsible group member committed to productivity as a whole. In meetings I have attended,

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ELECTION: Harbaugh will work with all sides

As longtime residents of the Gig Harbor area (now on the Key Peninsula), with grandkids attending school in the Peninsula School District, we’re writing to express our support for Leslie Harbaugh for the school board’s District 4 position.

Above all, we think our school district needs real leadership, transparency and accountability. For instance, we’re happy to support school funding measures, but only if the money is spent wisely and the district does what it says it’s going to do.

As she’s shown in her years of volunteer work on behalf of our schools, Harbaugh has a true capacity to work with

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ELECTION: Peninsula schools need new direction

Re: “Peninsula schools need Harbaugh” (letter, 6-6).

What Peninsula schools really need is a new direction. And Leslie Harbaugh, unfortunately, does not qualify.

Harbaugh’s biggest supporter is Harlan Gallinger, our former board president who recently showed up as a candidate for the school board in Issaquah. Together, Harbaugh and Gallinger were essentially responsible for the last three levies and bonds – all of which did not pass, I should point out.

Furthermore, the divisiveness resulting from these campaigns can also be attributed to Harbaugh and Gallinger. For example, in July 2014, Harbaugh engaged in a heated debate on The

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ELECTION: Garth Jackson for Peninsula schools

The Peninsula School District has some real choices for the school board this election. Most candidates are talking about getting more money out of Olympia, but one is more concerned with what goes on in our classrooms.

Garth Jackson worked 28 years in business as an engineer but cared enough to go back and get a master’s in education and teach for 12 years. When it comes to making policy, there is a huge difference between cheerleading from the sidelines and the experience of fighting in the trenches.

Jackson has fought to support teachers against the outside pressures to adopt centralized, one-size-fits-all

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TAXES: First the rich pay, soon the rest of us

State House Democrats want to impose a new capital gains tax. They say it will only be levied against the rich. The money will be used for, of course, schoolchildren, the mentally ill and homeless kids.

Does anyone actually believe once a new tax is in place, it will only affect those dirty rotten rich people? Once in place, the new tax will soon affect anyone who has saved money.

If you disagree with new taxes, according to state Rep. Laurie Jinkins (Viewpoint, 6-7), you really want kids to be uneducated, the mentally ill untreated and poor children unfed. No,

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TESTS: Superintendents suggest that science doesn’t count

Re: “Biology test shouldn’t prevent students’ graduation” (Viewpoint, 5-28).

I agree with the superintendents regarding the need to end high-stakes testing. No Child Left Behind was more a punishment of schools and teachers than an incentive for education improvement.

But their analysis that somehow biology is unnecessary suggests that what students know as they enter the world of work is less important than the graduation rate. And then they as much as said that.

As a former science teacher in Tacoma, I can guarantee that students failing biology probably did not pass chemistry or geology and certainly not zoology,

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EDUCATION: Lawmakers fail their paramount duty

The government officials are giving themselves a raise. Please tell me these are not the same officials who have been breaking the law for more than two years by not ensuring that class sizes are smaller and giving the children of our state their proper education.

We, the citizens, voted for smaller class sizes and that our tax dollars be directed to higher education.

It is time our elected officials started working for the people and not their own self-interest. We live in one of the most affluent states in the country, and we are failing to provide one of the most basic

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