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ELECTION: That ‘gimmick’ has bipartisan support

Gimmicks and catchy one-liners have always been part of the political landscape, but Jay Inslee’s recent TV ad criticizing one aspect of Rob McKenna’s education plan is downright shameful and without merit.

Inslee attacks McKenna’s so-called “tax swap” idea, calling it “just a gimmick.” Others call it a serious, necessary part of the conversation to address the recent state Supreme Court decision that requires adequate statewide funding for public education and less of a reliance on local levies.

McKenna’s “gimmick” is supported by education leaders as an innovative idea to address education funding. It is a responsible, measured approach that

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EDUCATION: Funding just being shifted around?

Gov. Chris Gregoire is proposing a half cent increase in the sales tax, which would generate about $500 million annually to replace cuts in education funding.

Would it really replace education funds or would it fund other programs that would have been cut if education hadn’t been? Were they actually going to cut education funding by that amount?

Politicians have a knack for talking about emotional items when facing difficult decisions but leaving out other information. This allows them to move funds into other areas.

Supporters of the 911 proposal Pierce County voters passed in November said that 100 percent

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EDUCATION: Funding could promote tutoring

Gov. Chris Gregoire’s response to the Washington Supreme Court ruling that that our state is not adequately funding education is a temporary increase to the sales tax. Although most people are not particularly fond of increased taxes, I believe this funding is a necessity for our state’s public school system.

Our schools can use this funding to initiate peer tutor systems and/or after-school tutoring sessions. This offers students the opportunity to ask the questions they did not get to ask during class and gives them a space to study without distraction. Having been a tutor during high school, I know

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