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TNT: Shocked by editorial supporting senators

I had a super shocker early this morning – an incident that made me think we may be close to the end of the world as the Mayans predicted.

While reading the headline story about state senators Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon, I decided to check out the editorial page for the editorial board’s take on this turn of events. It was at that point that I thought I might still be asleep and experiencing of some kind of strange “end of the world” dream!

The News Tribune editorial board was actually admitting that Democratic control of all three branches

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TNT: Are ages important in evaluating newsmakers?

I enjoyed the profiles of your editorial board (TNT, 1-4), but I noticed an omission. Over the past few years, when profiling business and nonprofit leaders who are making changes in the community, it seems as if your policy has been to include the ages of these individuals.

While being a baby boomer myself and proud of my experiences, I have felt that including ages for these articles was not an important part of their qualifications for their jobs and wondered why the TNT has felt differently.

In not including the ages of your editorial board, you are being

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