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ELECTION: Edgewood voters have a choice to make

A few years ago, my Vermont brother and sister-in-law visited us and we took them around to see the sights. Driving down South Meridian on Puyallup’s South Hill, gazing out at the helter skelter development, in a horrified voice my brother exclaimed, “This is awful, Who let them do this?”

I tried to explain the politics of the “You want it, you got it!” development philosophy so prevalent in parts of our Puget Sound. First you elect folks who have the “Let them do what they want” mindset. These folks have potential development property, have friends who do or profit

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ELECTION: Council-manager best for Edgewood

Edgewood voters have an important election in November choosing their type of city government: to remain a council-manager form or change to a strong mayor.

Edgewood voters need to consider recent events in our neighboring city of Pacific. Pacific has a strong mayor. The former mayor almost caused the collapse of the city of Pacific when the city’s insurance carrier cancelled Pacific’s insurance citing millions of dollars in lawsuits filed as a result of the mayor’s abusive actions.

To remove the mayor, citizens first had to go to court to show just cause for a recall election, gather sufficient signatures and then

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EDGEWOOD: The city that shouldn’t have been

After reading about Edgewood’s foiled attempt at imposing a utility tax on residents (TNT, 1-27), I want to thank Eric Docken for his work. For 17 years various city councils have tried to impose a tax on residents to fund something that should never have been.

There was absolutely no need for a city in this location. We have no tax base. There’s no industry, very few businesses and even less interest in the accoutrements of a city.

Until they built the big, virtually unused City Hall building, there was no “city center.” Frankly, there still isn’t! We still

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TRANSIT: You don’t want me on the road with you

Re: “3 small Pierce cities protest transit cuts” (TNT, 6-10).

Do the people of Pierce County who rejected the transit tax increase last fall realize what that will do on all the major roadways? I can only visualize people, like myself, who have very poor vision, driving and being the cause of more accidents than we already have due to the fact that these people can’t distinguish colors such as traffic lights and have slower reflexes. These are the people who depend on public transportation or shuttle service to get them to doctor appointments or grocery shopping, amongst other

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MULTICARE: Growing too big, too fast

Re: “Suit Against MultiCare says its liens were fraudulent” (TNT, 5-5).

I’m not surprised by this article. When companies grow too fast, it is impossible to fight the bureaucracy; most people don’t have the means or the time to look into all the inefficiencies.

A good example of this is the East Pierce Fire District. Ask anyone from Edgewood or Milton what happened to their hometown fire department, and I bet no one can tell you.



ELECTION: Destroying signs is suppressing political speech

I have posted a sign supporting who I think is the best person to represent the people in the new 10th Congressional District. It was a 2-by-3-foot sign posted on our private property. This sign had been up since July. On Saturday night, this sign was cut up and destroyed.

I contacted the candidate’s headquarters and got a replacement the following day. This morning (Monday), as I left for work, I saw that this new sign had been destroyed in the same fashion.

I don’t know what the motive is and frankly don’t care; the result is the same. These

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EDGEWOOD: Be wary of high density

Is Edgewood ready for five-story buildings and 48-units-an-acre or more?

Mixed uses in areas zoned for commercial and mixed-use residential will allow as many as 48 units an acre. Mixed uses in the town center zone will have no limit on the number of units per acre. Some higher-density parcels along Meridian will be extended into the neighboring residential areas.

Main Street affects the value of my home, because it signals the values of the city. I moved to Edgewood because it did not have the look and density of neighboring cities. We have to be careful who

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EDGEWOOD: Killer should get death penalty

An innocent person was gunned down by thieves in Edgewood Wednesday night. The killer should lose his life, and the accomplices should get life in prison.

When is our society going to get it right? You take a life, you lose your life. End of story!