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GUNS: Article inspires gun-safety program

I love when a newspaper article motivates positive action.

Back in February, I read an article regarding discussion in the state Legislature over the importance of gun safety and potential inclusion of the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program in our schools. I have passions for both children’s growth and for gun safety. I’m familiar with the Eddie Eagle GunSafe program, and for years I’ve kicked around the idea of helping present it to kids in my own community. The article; and the advocacy of several of our legislators, has encouraged me to get

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GUNS: Eddie Eagle is the wrong approach

Mandating that the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program (TNT, 2-22) be taught in Washington schools would be risky and unwise.

When evaluated, such programs were not effective in teaching young children to perform gun-safety skills in real-life situations. Children will verbally repeat the safety message but then do not use the skills when placed in a realistic scenario.

An Eddie Eagle approach across Washington may actually increase the risk of harm to children by providing false reassurance to some parents about how their kids would behave around guns. State resources would be better spent on a program that encourages

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