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OIL: Seattle mayor and ‘kayaktivists’ are hypocritical

Re: Seattle’s Murray joins fight against drilling rigs” (TNT, 5-8).

I find the article about the “kayaktivists” laughable. It’s good to see that there are reasons the kayakers can use to load up their kayaks onto their SUVs and ply the waters. Unfortunately their message, as well as Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, reeks of hypocrisy.

To deny Royal Dutch Shell its legal right to dock a few drilling ships, and to attack Foss Marine by badgering the Port of Seattle into reconsidering Foss’ lease, is disregard for the law of lease and reeks of anarchy.

While alternative energy has

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PAY: Minimum wage hike will impact seniors

Re: “Fix poverty with minimum wage? Not so fast” (editorial, 2-23).

Entry-level minimum-wage jobs were never intended to pay family living wages. However, they do provide an entry point into the job market that allows individuals to gain experience pertaining to the responsibilities of holding a job – efficiency, punctuality, reliability, etc.

Anyone with a modicum of ambition should be able to move beyond the entry-level pay grade without our government stepping in and increasing their pay grade for them.

Simply put, increasing the minimum wage without a commensurate gain in productivity only results in inflation. Consumers will have

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POLITICS: Trains, planes and fools

Trains, planes and fools all have one thing in common.

Trains: Democrats propose to add a dime to outrageously expensive gasoline prices to further subsidize train rides that now cost you about $80 per trip.

Planes: Boeing SPEEA technicians, who support Democrats with their union dues, are considering a strike.

Fools: Seattle Democratic Sen. Ed Murray, sponsor of Senate Bill 5737 . . .  and all the above.

This bill would allow blatantly unconstitutional police searches of your home. Pulling that provision is good politics but does not excuse submitting it in the first place.

Why do we continually support

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LEGISLATURE: Term limits would create greater diversity

Re: “Pay cuts for elected officials now look unlikely this year” (TNT, 5-4).

State Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, was quoted as saying that lowering legislators’ pay would mean “a less diverse group of people could afford to be represented in Olympia.”

If he truly wants diverse representative government, the senator should work for term limits. Replacing some of the overspending legislative troglodytes, including himself, would have prevented the present state budget/debt crisis.