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PAY: Raising wage could lead to inflation

Re: Minimum wage

It never ceases to amaze me that so many people have a complete lack of understanding basic economics.

With the exception of taxes and overhead expenses, the price of all products and services is the direct result of the cost of labor.

Someone is paid for assembling the parts to make a product. Someone is paid to make the parts to make the product. Someone is paid to process the raw material to make the parts. Someone is paid to process the soil to get the raw material to make the parts. Someone is paid to design

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ECONOMY: Liberals’ experiments don’t work

Re: “Reducing income inequality likely to spur growth” (Paul Krugman column, 3-12).

Krugman has been consistently wrong about everything. It is unfortunate that the professor is charging parents so much money at Princeton to teach their children rubbish. I wonder if he takes points from his A students and gives them to his Cs.

Krugman, Barack Obama and the rest of the lefties have tried their silly little redistributive ideas for almost six years. They have fostered an economic growth rate that is about half of what it should be. This subpar growth has kept millions of willing workers

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ECONOMY: Big-government programs not the answer

In an attempt to change the narrative from the disastrous Obamacare rollout, President Obama and the Democrats are reaching back into their playbook to fire up the base. The “new” campaign will be about income inequality. Sound familiar?

Obama spent nearly a trillion dollars trying to create jobs and economic growth. The results? Income inequality (income gap) is worse, job creation has been modest (mostly low-paying and part-time jobs), middle-class incomes have declined and the number of people in poverty has soared.

Obama blames the Great Recession and Republican obstruction. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the recession

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ECONOMY: Business hurts if people can’t spend

Jobs are created by consumers. I am no economist, but I have never seen a company stay in business without receiving any income.

There is no way that the CEO of Boeing spends more of his $20 million-plus salary than the average Boeing worker spends of his salary. Consumers are what grow our economy. If no one can afford a plane ticket for vacation, how many planes will they sell?

Now this same company wants the community with the most skilled workers to give it a welfare check to stay. All the tax breaks – that’s welfare. Yet we can’t extend

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ECONOMY: Only working folks can create jobs

The top 10 percent owns 80 percent of the stock market, while average 401(k) balances and the stock market achieve all-time highs.

Conversely, the working poor are fighting amongst themselves for jobs that will employ only a third of applicants, while the rich are afforded a capital gains (carried interest) tax of just 15 percent, compared to 35 percent for secretaries and the like.

If our economy is to function, the working class must enjoy enough disposable income to purchase cars, homes, shoes and the like (feel free to insert anti-consumer argument here).
Problems arise only when the super-rich

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OBAMA: Middle-class lives aren’t improving

With Syria on the front burner, most people aren’t engaged in domestic politics. But there have been several recent letters from Obama supporters listing the Democrats’ worn-out talking points – the war on women, party of no, obstructionism, etc.

Kathleen Parker called these talking points “pure propaganda” (column, 8-4). I agree and would add “hypocritical.” During the Bush years, the Democrats actively sought to block judicial nominees, and Sen. Harry Reid and Barack Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling.

No mention is made in the letters about the mediocre Obama recovery. The unemployment rate is dropping primarily because

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CONGRESS: Enjoy summer and fear the fall

With the housing market, jobs, retail sales and construction on the rise; mortgage rates holding steady; and the annual deficit decreasing, I see reason for optimism.

On the other side of the coin, I see the conservative fringe of the Republican Party threatening some very bad behavior in the fall session of congress. If we can believe their summer recess threats, we face a possible government shutdown and lower taxes for the rich, with all the benefits that trickle down to the working class.

Their proposed social agenda is equally as destructive: Further attacks on women’s reproductive rights, suppression of

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GOVERNMENT: Integrate socialism and capitalism

Re: “State lawmakers pass budget to avert shutdown” (TNT, 6-28).

Wall Street’s boom is a whimper. While mega-corporate profits surge, fewer small businesses start than ever before.

Legislators respond not with long-term solutions but fingers in the dike. Where are those politicians with the courage to avoid the scapegoats and stereotypes of the far right and the far left? Where are those economists with the wisdom to articulate the integration of opposites, avoiding the false dichotomy between socialism and capitalism?

The truth is that we need strong regulatory government to keep free markets free. Yes, only strong government reduces

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