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ELECTION: Lachney launches misleading political ad

I received a mailing from 2nd District candidate Bruce Lachney suggesting that state Sen. Randi Becker could pass a four-day school week law. Becker is a Republican. The Democrats’ control of our state government ensures that only Democratic-sponsored bills would even be considered.

This non-issue is aimed at Eatonville School District voters. Last year, as a result of budget reductions, a four-day school week, along with other options, was thoughtfully considered by the district, with parent and teacher input. The four-day school week was discarded as unfeasible and unsupported by parents of our district’s schoolchildren.

It appears that if you

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ELECTION: Randi Becker deserves to be re-elected

Our families, communities, and public schools have no greater advocate than state 2nd District Sen. Randi Becker. She has fought hard to ensure schools have the funding they need and school boards have local control.

When I was superintendent of the Eatonville School District, I worked side by side with Becker on many issues important to our schools and community.

Her opponent is using desperate last-minute emotional appeals, criticizing her for responding to the Eatonville school board’s request for legislation last year. The board’s four-day school week idea was defeated and rightly buried.

Bruce Lachney should be ashamed and embarrassed;

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EATONVILLE: Police are getting tough? Good!

Re: “Police crackdown stirs up town” (TNT, 3-21).

I am glad The News Tribune is doing its job of keeping the citizens of this area informed. I would not have known that the Eatonville Police Department is being overzealous in traffic enforcement.

I drive into town two or three times a week, and I have only seen an Eatonville officer behind one vehicle in what looked like a traffic stop. What I have seen, though, is drivers driving through crosswalks when pedestrians are in them. I have had to yield my right-of-way because the other driver did not want

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SCHOOLS: Reject change to Eatonville board

The Eatonville School Board placed Proposition 2 on the Feb. 14 ballot because it decided that “qualified directors are hard to find” (board Resolution 595).

Proposition 2 radically changes the district from five to three directors from equal geographical areas and two at-large directors who, by law, could even be next-door neighbors.

This radical change could empower small interest groups from a specific geographic area of our diverse school district to gain control of the board by securing a voting majority through election or board appointment. A diverse school board reduces the risk of group-think and wrong-headed decisions that could

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EATONVILLE: Jebino’s food and service excellent

Re: The article (TNT, 8-5) about Eatonville’s 40th Annual Lion’s Club Arts Festival.

My wife and I, along with another couple, were requested to lead a “Fall Color Tour” for the Antique
Studebaker Car Club and Golden Era Auto Association. Eatonville was on the tour for a breakfast-lunch stop. We checked with a few locals, and Jebino’s was highly recommended.

We contacted the owner, Tammi, and let her know we expected around six cars or approximately 12 people. This was fine, but we agreed to call and verify the number of people as we began the tour. To

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EATONVILLE: Writer fails to savor small-town flavor

The article by Rosemary Ponnekanti (TNT, 8-5), which featured the 40th Annual Lion’s Club Arts Festival, was a welcome plug for our little town businesses, most of which managed to survive a major construction project that began in April and involved tearing up the main street in Eatonville’s business district.

Her reporting was straightforward and factual until the section on where to go to eat in which she casually described three food establishments and then willy-nilly threw in haphazard “reviews” of the other two. Jebino’s Restaurant was dismissed as offering mediocre food and having a “chain restaurant decor.”


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EATONVILLE: Negative comments leave a bad taste

After reading our Go (TNT, 7-5), we felt we needed to share our opinion.

The article about the Eatonville Art Festival was very accurate and inviting. We thank you for the excellent exposure and publicity of a grand little annual event.

Our concern was the comment about Jebino’s Restaurant. We are not relatives, nor do we own any part of this establishment. We wondered where in Pierce County you can find a restaurant with the Rat Pack decor, memorabilia or theme? To call the restaurant “chain restaurant decor” is really misleading and offending.

These are the same owners that

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HEALTH CARE: Eatonville clinic result of many volunteers

Thank you for your informative article about the new Eatonville Clinic (11-4).

Not many people realize the strong medical history in Eatonville, the hub for Southeast Pierce County. The first Urgent Care facility was operated by the Bridge family including Mary Bridge, Dr. Don Nevitt and Dr. Tom Van Eaton, from whom the city gets its name, skillfully served the town for many years.

Unfortunately due to population growth and tough economic times, Eatonville has become one of the most underserved medical communities in the Northwest. United Way of Pierce County was aware of this fact and their volunteer health

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