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TAXES: Consider fairness of low-income tax credit

Congratulations on the timeliness and the basic fairness thrust of the editorial (TNT, 12-4) comparing the state sales tax deduction with state income tax deductions. However, the editorial may have been unduly harsh on our congressional delegation and the president.

We have paid federal taxes in Washington state for more than 40 years. We consistently itemize. We use the sales tax deduction depending on availability. Last year the sales tax deduction saved us about $450.

However we would willingly suffer the inconvenience of “not knowing” or even forgo the sales tax deduction if the tradeoff, as it was in this case, is

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TAXES: Credits help lift people out of poverty

Re: “How GOP Congress could boost US economy” (TNT, 11-7).

The writer comments that voters want bipartisan action that serves Americans who aren’t wealthy. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the tax code gives corporations special tax breaks that have reduced what is supposed to be a 35 percent tax rate to an actual tax of 13 percent. In 2012, the average American taxpayer making $50,000 per year paid a staggering $6,000 in taxes.

Meanwhile, about a fourth of kids in Washington state live in homes that struggle with hunger (the national average is about 21 percent).

Improvements to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

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INCOME: Let’s guarantee a minimum income

Income and wealth inequality are at a peak. Automation and cheaper computer power imply a future stripped of mid-level jobs because fewer Americans will have the education and self-discipline to master future technology. The rest will endure stagnant or falling wages or unemployment.

Liberals and conservatives have different approaches to these problems. Liberals want to add social programs; conservatives want to cut taxes to stimulate personal initiative and hiring.

Extending the Earned Income Tax Credit to become a Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) should appeal to both parties by eliminating a profusion of social programs while providing a minimal, progressive cash

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PAY: Tax credit can’t replace decent wages

Re: “Increases in minimum wage likely do more harm than good” (TNT, 2-20).

The writer thinks that the Earned Income Tax Credit is a better way of making sure that people who work can be self-supporting than is increasing the minimum wage. There are two things wrong with this approach.

In the first place, this would be a way to make the government subsidize stingy employers. In the second place, childless people do not qualify for the EIC. He should have done his homework before he wrote the article.


TAXES: Many workers fail to claim tax credit

Filing your taxes may seem like a headache. Yet plenty of hard-working families see tax-filing as a chance to catch up on bills and pay for their most basic needs. That’s because of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Research and real life connects the EITC with greater employment, better health for families and improved education for kids. Families must be working in order to qualify, and already pay a significant portion of their incomes in federal, state and local taxes.

Last year, workers in Washington state received an average of $2,047 from the EITC. Unfortunately, one in five eligible

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