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DUI: Blood-alcohol level seems irrelevant

I’m confused a bit about the lowering of the limit that determines if one is intoxicated or not. A legal limit of .05 versus .08 blood alcohol really doesn’t make a lot of difference or a lot of sense.

Every time, without fail to my recollection, people who are involved in accidents or fatalities are well over the .08 limit. No one has shown me where there was an accident or a fatality that the blood alcohol level was at or under .08 and was the cause of the incident.

What is the push for lowering the limit really about?

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DUI: We’ve made it easier to buy hard liquor

Re: “More must be done to stop repeat drunk drivers” (editorial, 3-29).

Any legislation or stiffer regulation on drunk driving meets the same argument as gun control. The problem with passing stricter penalties is the Legislature and lobbying.

There are plenty of legislators who like their alcoholic drinks as much as the NRA likes its guns. No presiding judge or legislators want to increase their own chances of receiving a DUI. They penalize the lawbreakers in a public courtroom, but they also realize it could affect them as well.

Let’s face it, it took many years to reduce a

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SHOOTING: Media should put it into perspective

The graphic on Saturday’s page A22 (TNT, 7-21) entitled “U.S. mass shootings since 1999” painted a grim picture of gun violence, and will undoubtedly foster (intentionally or otherwise) the anti-gun agenda of the Brady Campaign from which the graphic originated. My heart goes out to the families of all of the victims. This was indeed a senseless tragedy.

But those statistics are misleading.

Perhaps a better graphic would have been to overlay the mass shootings (which totaled 207 for those 14 years) with the number of people killed by drunk drivers during a 14-year period from 1997-2010. Readers might be

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DUI: Confiscate offenders’ vehicles

Having lost a close family friend to drunk driving in my teens, I have grown tired of seeing others go through the same thing. The Barkus family was destroyed in August 1999; a sign marks the spot just above the Puyallup Fairgrounds on state Route 512.

At what point do the people of Pierce County say, “Enough is enough”? Too often the suspect is a repeat offender. We elect officials to handle this matter. The police are tired of spineless laws that turn drunks back out onto the street to offend over and over again.

The solution is simple, and

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