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CRIME: We must try a positive approach

Re: “At least 7 dead, 14 injured over 3 days” (TNT, 7-14).

To fight crime with violence polarizes the two sides, and you create a war. It’s the wrong approach. While some of those measures may be needed, the emphasis should be on the positive side.

When I was teaching school, there was virtually no instruction given students on the dangers and consequences of crime and drug use. Schools should have required courses that give clear evidence of the physical and psychological harm to users of those things, and the devastation it can cause to families and others.

But the

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TACOMA: Homelessness is not the problem

Re: “Homeless dilemma: Between rocks and a hard place” (Matt Driscoll column, 6-18).

Please, let’s discuss the real problem behind the City of Tacoma denying the “homeless” a grass strip next to the library.

We do not have a homeless problem. We have a drug problem, and we need to stop hiding it in feel-good euphemisms.

With a few rare exceptions, the “homeless” in our city are drug addicts and street alcoholics. They are not homeless because of the lack of housing. They are homeless and jobless because they are drunk and/or drugged 24/7. Any money they might come across is

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HASH OIL: Editorial reflects nanny state mentality

Re: “Nip dangerous hash oil production in the bud” (editorial, 4-7).

The only thing needing to be nipped in the bud are the sclerotic, uninformed, unreasoned and hysterical opinions of the nanny state brigade, also known as The News Tribune editorial board.

It doesn’t take much for them to reach into their bag of ancient, anecdotal prejudices. Let us hope the last gasps of this dying breed are panned by Washington state legislators.

When Nancy Reagan said, “Just say no to drugs,” she was a little off. It should have been, “Just say no to the war on drugs.” In fact,

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BORDER: Drug demand at root of dilemma

I’m sure those well-meaning members of Congress who claim our country should now reverse the call for amnesty hearings for the immigrant youth of Central and South America have carefully thought through the consequences.

Don’t they remember that it’s our citizens (and Canada’s) who have created the market for government by drug cartel that’s causing the dilemma?


UPLACE: Teacher needs public’s compassion

Re: “7th-grade teacher charged with selling pills” (TNT, 7-12).

I am the parent of four children in the University Place School District. Two of my children have had Brian Bennett as a teacher. Their memories of the year with him were nothing but positive.

I acknowledge what he has done is not right, however, the lack of compassion for him is appalling. Bennett is a teacher and mentor in our school district, and he has an amazing reputation as a quality teacher and person.

It is extremely sad to hear of his addictive tendencies. It is also tragic for

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POT: Washington is just another cartel

In recent years, the United States government has spent billions of dollars and countless man hours, and even lost lives, in an effort to combat the production and distribution of illegal drugs.

Now, in our own state, we have a government that will control the growth, processing, manufacture, distribution and sales of marijuana. It will profit from the ridiculously high taxes from each level from the production to final sale. There will be stiff penalties for any activities outside the control or supervision of the governing entities.

So, short of executions, what makes the state of Washington different that any

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HECK: Congressman’s positions are unclear

If you live in the 10th Congressional District, you received the March newsletter from Denny Heck. Keep in mind that Heck was elected to represent us in Washington, D.C,. as a United States congressman.

While we can appreciate his efforts to protect Puget Sound, I’m concerned that the congressman may have become bored with his committee assignments. His newsletter actually has directions on how to scoop dog poop and  landscape your yard, as well as advice on using a commercial car wash vs. washing your car in the driveway.

We’ll take our dogs to a professional dog groomer to protect

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DRUGS: Opioids pushed on nursing home patients

I am an internal medicine physician who works in skilled nursing facilities and also treat opioid addicted/dependent patients in private practice.

I believe one critical issue in nursing homes is that patients who suffer from pain are threatened with being kicked out (told to pay out of pocket) if they are unable to participate in therapy on a consistent basis. Specifically, if they are refusing three or more times in a week, they are (usually) discharged from therapy services.

That often results in a decertification from the payor – either Medicare, an insurance company or Medicaid/DSHS. As a result, the

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