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DRONES: Let’s protect children’s privacy rights

The proliferation of drones for civilian use has rekindled and complicated privacy and safety concerns. At Lake Meridian Park in Kent, my two daughters were playing on the playground. A group of three people began flying a large drone less than 20 yards from the playground, with a conspicuous camera pointed directly at the play area.

I contacted the police, only to learn that there was nothing wrong with the actions of the drone pilots.

It is true that the right to privacy in public places is practically nonexistent. It is also true that it is legal to photograph children

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TORTURE: Why were Bush and Powell out of the loop?

Re: “Release of CIA report exceptionally reckless” (Michael Gerson column, 12-10).

I am somewhat dumbfounded by Gerson’s comparison of drone warfare to what we did to prisoners of war.

The act of engaging the enemy during war is different from the treatment of captive prisoners. The rules governing prisoner treatment are quite clear about subjecting captives to torture. These are rules that Dick Cheney and his merry band of neo-cons chose to ignore.

The greater question that needs an answer is why both the president of the United States and his secretary of state, Colin Powell, were not in the loop of how

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DRONES: America has lost the moral high ground

America was founded on the idea that people are assumed innocent until proven guilty. We believe it’s better that a guilty person occasionally go free than an innocent person go to prison. Americans have been admired for these ideas . . . until now.

Our drones have killed hundreds without charges or trials, nor accountability for those ordering the killing.

Drone murders are clearly wrong. Is this the precedent we want for when drones become universally available? America has lost the moral high ground. Worse, avenging the deaths of those killed has become an effective recruiting tool by our enemies.

The war

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IRAQ: Here’s what the US should and shouldn’t do

We should not go back into a military engagement with Iraq. Here’s what we should and should not do:

• Do no harm, especially no bombs and drones.

• Pressure all players to stop supplying weapons and funds for weapons.

• Seek a political solution to the conflict using the United Nations.

• Work for a massive humanitarian aid program through the United Nations.


DRONES: Regulate private sector use as well

We see more debate among elected officials about banning or regulating the use of drones by the government, but where is the debate about the private sector use of drones?

Big business (and small) and individuals already have access to drone technology and are using it. They can and do intrude upon our privacy and private lives as easily, if not more easily, than any law enforcement agent. And, private individuals and businesses have absolutely no legitimate reason for doing so. They, unlike the government, cannot even argue national security or law enforcement.

I don’t want drones hovering over or

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DRONES: Will privacy be adequately protected?

The article (TNT, 4-27) about drones possibly being tested at the Moses Lake airport has brought up the issue of possible threats to citizens privacy.

I would like to know what kind of measures the Federal Aviation Administration and Washington lawmakers would take to respect the privacy of the people who live in the affected testing areas. Who protects our privacy and how could we be assured that our rights will not be violated?

According to the article, this technology will bring new sources of employment to our area, which is a great idea. However, I don’t feel comfortable

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WAR: Drones moving into new territory

The war on terror has birthed us a bundle of drones, dispatched in Yemen, Iran, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Pentagon currently employs 7,000 unmanned aerial vehicles, and asked for $5 billion in 2012 congressional budgetary drone spending alone.

Drones allow opportunistic circumvention of boots-on-the-ground politics, while further disconnecting the American public from the 1 percent serving in combat.

Now we’ve had success pursuing the top 30 al-Qaida on the kill list, with CIA claims of zero civilian deaths since May 2010. But “signature strikes” policy dictates attack based not upon positive identification, but behavioral patterns. Plus, all military-aged

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MILITARY: Question about drones

Regarding the downed drone in Iran: I am ex-military and retired from 38-plus years in aerospace testing.

It seems odd that the manufacturer of the drones being used to hunt and kill the enemy, and costing untold millions of dollars, couldn’t have been equipped with a $200 self-destruct system. I’m thinking that would keep them from the hands of the Iranian and Chinese scientists.