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TEXTING: Stiffen penalties for drivers caught texting

Re: “Texting while driving now biggest hazard for teens” (TNT, 5-10).

It is time to give stiff penalties for texting and driving.

Teens are getting killed or injured more by driving and texting – more than by using alcohol or drugs. They aren’t only taking a risk of injury to themselves, but they are endangering other drivers who are obeying the laws.

If anyone – teens or older drivers – get caught texting and driving they should pay a $500 fine and lose their license for at least a year. Teens should pay the fine and lose their license

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ROADS: Texting while driving more dangerous than before law

I drive a pickup, so I’m sitting a little higher than most sedans. Drivers used to hold their cell phones at the top of the steering wheel to text while driving. While that wasn’t safe, at least they still had traffic conditions in their peripheral vision.

Now that texting while driving is against the law, I see drivers hiding their cell phones and having to take their eyes completely off of traffic in order to text. While they should not text, many still do, only now it’s much more dangerous to the rest of us.


ROADS: Get tougher on drivers who text

Re:”Driver’s hands belong on the wheel, not texting” (editorial, 4-1).

I am so happy to see that somebody is taking notice of all the distracted driving. I don’t think that teens are primarily to blame, at least from my commuting observations.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see mature adults texting or talking, totally oblivious to their surroundings and usually in the passing lane. This is a more common than uncommon occurrence.

I can’t believe we can’t do a better job enforcing this law. It is my hope that when they do cause an accident

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