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MILITARY: Selective Service discrimination should end, too

Now that the Department of Defense has ended the discrimination against women in combat, it is time to end the discriminatory practice of requiring only 18-year-old males to register for Selective Service.

The United States must either have universal registration for all 18-year-olds or eliminate the requirement altogether. Currently a male’s failure to register is penalized by loss of participation in federal financial aid programs for higher education. Equal opportunity for all.


MILITARY: ‘Warrior class’ exists – and good thing

Should we be concerned about creating a “warrior class” (TNT, 1-4)? I have news for you: We already have one and have had one since the founding of this nation.

Our country was founded and built by the citizen-soldiers who have traditionally done their duty in wartime and then returned to their peaceful civilian life. That has been true of our volunteer warriors and our conscripts. But in between wars we have maintained a corps of career soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who were ready to respond to a threat at a moments notice and to train the next

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MILITARY: Why the draft should be reinstated

Re: “Concern grows that no-draft society creating warrior class” (TNT, 1-4).

These articles missed what may be the biggest issue in the debate: When and why do we go to war, and why is the draft relevant?

As one who lived through the Vietnam-era protests over an ill-defined mission in Asia, it is clear that without the draft protests the Vietnam War would have dragged on for years more.

At the time of 9/11, when President George W. Bush was asked what the average citizen should do, he responded by saying we should go shopping. And when Secretary of

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