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COUNTY: McCune wastes time and money

Shame on Pierce County Councilman Jim McCune for wasting taxpayers’ money and for wasting the time and energy last night of council members Connie Ladenburg, Rick Talbert and Stan Flemming.

County Council members are elected to attend to the needs of the people of Pierce County. McCune – with the support of his colleagues Dan Roach, Joyce McDonald and Doug Richardson – took time away from the important county work that needs to be done last night when he brought a frivolous resolution to the council that was aimed at furthering his own personal interest rather than the interests of

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MARIJUANA: Council acts beyond its scope

Re: “Council overrides pot veto” (TNT, 12-11).

The flurry of recent actions by Pierce County Council members Jim McCune, Joyce McDonald, Doug Richardson, Stan Flemming and Dan Roach essentially blocks folks in Pierce County from engaging in selling and growing marijuana (for recreational purposes). However, it is their right to do so in accordance with voter-approved Initiative 502.

The actions are extraordinary and beyond the scope of the County Council. Since when has it become the business of a handful of council members to pick and choose which state laws they like and don’t like?

But voters will soon

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POT: County Council should override veto

  1. Re: Marijuana sales in Pierce County.

County Councilman Doug Richardson was the lone Republican to vote against Ordinance 111, which prohibits licensed marijuana businesses from operating and was vetoed by County Executive Pat McCarthy (TNT, 11-26). One of his reasonings was that the state Legislature will take up the issue of medical marijuana in its January session.

We all know that the Legislature is known for running issues through that have not been popular of wanted by a majority of Washingtonians. Out-of-state money and influence were largely responsible for the passage of

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COUNTY: Election change would cut participation

RE: “Council proposes odd-year elections” (TNT, 7-20).

Pierce County Council member Doug Richardson’s county election proposal will cost $475,000 more in odd years, and might reduce the cost in some even years by $360,000. Richardson says a difference of $115,000 to $475,000 every two years is “pretty close to a wash.” Is he kidding?

This is the same County Council whose Republican members balked at changing their meeting to the evening, when more citizens could participate, citing the $13,300 per year additional cost (TNT, 3-26). Now they want to spend much more to reduce public participation in our

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