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ELECTION: Voters have a clear choice in the 26th District

Doug Richards supports the two-thirds majority vote before taxes can be increased. It’s an idea that 69 percent of the 26th District voted for, but Larry Seaquist calls that law “stupid.” Is Seaquist calling 69 percent of his constitutes “stupid”?

Richards supports making K-12 education a priority for the state budget, but Seaquist voted for budgets that cut the Peninsula School District $1.3 million and led to teacher pay cuts.

To circumvent the two-thirds majority requirement, Seaquist has made fees a new form of taxes. Seaquist sponsored and voted for bills that have raised taxes and fees 143 times. These

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ELECTION: Seaquist had extraordinary Navy career

Lost in the flap over 26th Legislative District candidate Doug Richards’ abruptly terminated U.S. Navy career and his truncated discharge document is the extraordinary letter that accompanies incumbent Rep. Larry Seaquist’s DD-214. It is a letter of endorsement from Andrew W. Marshall, director of Net Assessment, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, written upon Navy Capt. Larry Seaquist’s retirement in June 1994.

It reads: “It is a special pleasure to note that Captain Seaquist … is completing an exceptionally distinguished career. Combining remarkable professionalism, a deep understanding of U.S. and international security organizations, and a truly unique capacity for

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ELECTION: Richards’ military ‘career’ worth investigating

At Tuesday’s candidate forum, Doug Richards again touted his “Navy career” as a qualification for 26th Legislative District representative. He only served 21 months of active duty on an eight-year commitment. That hardly qualifies as a “career.” His refusal to reveal his DD Form 214, Copy 4, caused me to think that we should investigate that “career.”

Richards cites his military experience in asking us to employ him in our state’s government. We should reject his military service as a consideration for his employment if he fails to produce DD form 214. More importantly, Richards’ basic judgment is in

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ELECTION: Richards has the right stuff

I’ve known Doug Richards, warts and all, for more than 28 years. I say “warts and all” because it would be disrespectful to Doug if I implied he was a man without blemish. He is someone who has persevered through life and is better because of challenges he has faced.

Life for Doug has been defined not by how he fell but by how he got up. He and his wife Whitney are supremely devoted to each other and their children, and that devotion has allowed them to reach out in support of their community.

I consider myself

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