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ELECTION: Vote Doug Cloud for Congress

After research, I found Congressman Dicks requested $64 million in earmarks to campaign contributors in the past two years.

Stimulus funds were supposed to help us turn this job market around but went to employ friends, family and contributors at places like the Puget Sound Partnership and Maritime Events Center.

Norm Dick’s voting record is as dismal as his practice of nepotism. He has voted with Nancy Pelosi 99 percent of the time. The health care bill, bailouts and stimulus bill. All of which have failed and to the point of putting this country in debt which will put a

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ELECTION: Democrats’ big contributions shameful

Re: “Money flowing in” (TNT, 10-19).

The article shows Norm Dicks outdrawing Doug Cloud by over 17 to one in dollars raised. Dicks represents everything that is wrong in Washington, D.C., and should be voted out of office.

Don’t get me wrong; he is very powerful in the committee structure in D.C., and he keeps raising money (again in Washington, D.C.) for the Bremerton Naval Shipyard and other projects. And he has raised a lot of money from his political cronies in both Washingtons. Hence his power.

Whether one looks at the Dicks vs. Cloud or Murray vs. Rossi race,

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ELECTION: Don’t make another mistake

The recent news about Norm Dicks and his controversial involvement with lobbying firm PMA Group is nothing new from the beltway.

As an independent voter, I considered all the issues at hand when making my decisions in the primary. I don’t pledge allegiance to the donkey or the elephant. My fear is that we will trade one “politician” for another.

Indeed, we need a fresh start. For these reasons I am more than content with a vote for Doug Cloud.


ELECTION: TNT shouldn’t have printed letter

Even though Norm Dicks might be in some trouble, I would have thought better of The News Tribune than to publish a letter from a known right-wing activist. How about replacing Congressman Dicks with a man of honor who has worked hard, actually knows the issues and earned my vote?

I’m voting for Doug Cloud and will be able to respect myself in the morning.