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TNT: ‘Doonesbury’ indulges in faith-bashing

I was offended by Garry Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” offering in the Monday News Tribune. Trudeau seems to have dropped to the same level as other small-minded persons who make attacks similar to recent videos to denigrate a religion.

His political leanings are his privilege, but when he attacks the Mormon faith to promote those leanings he has stepped way over the line of decency and should be removed from the entertainment pages of The News Tribune.

Attacking Mitt Romney, I suppose, is part of the political landscape, but attacking his faith goes way over what should be accepted. I would hope

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TNT: ‘Doonesbury’ belongs on the editorial page

Does Doonesbury really belong in the comics or rather in the editorial cartoon section? There is rarely anything funny about the comic strip. It is really just political satire which takes aim at George Bush, Mitt Romney and anything or one considered moderate or conservative.

While some of the cartoonist’s points are right on target, they are for the most part political jabs at his favorite targets. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the cartoonist, it should be quite clear the strip is frequently just foisting off political views which should appear with other political cartoons in the editorial section.

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DOONESBURY: Left-wing feature belongs on editorial page

When are you going to transfer “Doonesbury” to the editorial page where it belongs?
Garry Trudeau is a bitter 1960s agenda-driven left-winger who hasn’t been funny in decades. Better that space be allocated to a strip that generates laughter.


DOONESBURY: TNT copped out

I don’t get it. What was so bad in the Doonesbury strip that I read online that was so controversial you refused to run it? If everyone else didn’t accuse you of being so far left, I would say you were being swayed by Fox News.

I think you did your readers a disservice by not running the strip all week. If you thought it didn’t belong in the comics, then you could have moved it once again to the editorial page. Most everything published there is controversial in one way or another.

I have believed for years that

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DOONESBURY: TNT’s two-faced

As a subscriber to The News Tribune for more than 20 years, I am offended by this paper’s reaction to a political cartoon. I first read of this issue underneath a full quarter-page picture of a dead Afghan civilian laying in the back of a vehicle. Yet you will not publish a Doonesbury “cartoon” that deals with a major issue in politics today that could ultimately affect the rights of half of the U.S. population.

This is an issue for women, partners and their doctors to deal with in private. The state legislature of Texas has brought this out in

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COMICS: Why censor Trudeau and not Pastis?

On Thursday I opened up the paper to find an interesting contradiction in values.

On page A3, you explained that this week’s “Doonesbury” by Garry Trudeau would be all reruns because of graphic material pertaining to abortion. However, on the actual comics page, “Pearls Before Swine” by Stephen Pastis features equally, if not more, graphic material pertaining to what seems to be a gang war between “East Side” and “West Side” cartoonists. On Thursday, one character was overheard to say, “You capped Andy Capp.”

As a person with a strong dislike of censors, I was wondering why you

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DOONESBURY: Unnecessary censorship

I was disappointed to read that you have chosen to replace this week’s Doonesbury. If you feel the content is “too graphic” for your comics page, you could have chosen to print it on some other page. Or perhaps the “s” word and the “v” word are too graphic for the entire newspaper?

Beware what happens once your loyal readers are encouraged to search online for the real story; some of us might find that staying online is an attractive option.


DOONESBURY: Who is TNT afraid of?

My goodness. Isn’t this 2012? It’s bad enough that some politicians want to make an issue of contraceptives and women’s health issues in this day and age. It’s bad enough that some politicians want to take women’s rights away from them, and turn the clock back. Now on top of it, Tacoma’s only newspaper also decides that it is time to turn the clock back.

You will make excuses for your decision to not print Doonesbury’s controversial panels, but please don’t. There is no excuse. Who are you afraid of?

Shame on you.